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  1. Hi everyone, Here is a copy of powers of x #3 connecting any input would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi everyone, Here is a copy of house of x #3 psylocke variant she’s one of my favorite X-men what do you think about the spine ?
  3. Thanks!!! I’ll mark that one to send in 🤙🏻
  4. Wow thanks for all the feedback guys. I see what you’re saying about the spine. I have a few copies of this issue I can upload pictures of another one that I think look good too. I was on the fence at 9.4-9.6 as I’m not sure how much leeway they give you point wise on the spine and breaking color.
  5. That’s a great tip thank you. I was thinking about going credit but I will use debit instead.
  6. Hi everyone, sorry for all the house and power questions. It’s my favorite series currently and I want to get all my connecting covers graded I think it would look amazing to display. Here is house #1
  7. Hello all!! can you take a look at this connecting cover variant for me and give me your honest opinion ?
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to purchase the $150 premium membership. I just had a question regarding cost of grading and what you guys average with it. With the discount of 10% and a $20 grading fee making it $18 after discount. Will I have any other fees added on to the final evaluation of grading the books if I only send them in for the grade and slab? I wont be doing a pressing or cleaning or anything just the grading. If it's $18 a book and I do 10 books should it be $180 plus the invoice of $5 and the shipping fee? Ideally i'd like to use the credit immediately with the books ive been selling and I've been reading on the forums that a lot of people like to send it 5+ books at a time usually.
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys!!! I really appreciate it.
  10. Thanks I’m tempted too. The first shipment they said was damaged so I would assume the next one would be better.
  11. When I take a closer look I don’t actually see the defect. I think it was just the light.
  12. So im probably better off just letting it stay as is then ?
  13. I believe that is the glare. If it wasn’t would a pressing help that ?
  14. Hi everyone, I'm back with a different house of x copy This is probably my favorite cover minus all the beautiful connecting covers. Any recommendations on this one like a cleaning or a press ?