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  1. Honestly, I reckon if you send it for a press you should almost definitely get a 9.6 (maybe a 9.8 if you get lucky, but I wouldn't hold my breath)
  2. 8.5 imo, but possibly 9.2-9.4 material with a press
  3. 8.5, but maybe higher with a press
  4. Yeah, I reckon 3.5 is spot on, maybe worth cracking and pressing though, might get a 4.0
  5. Looks a solid 3.5, maybe a 4.0 with a press.
  6. With that large corner crease, I'd have said 3.5. Also, is the top staple detached?
  7. Atm it's a 2.5, but you should get a 3.0 with a press
  8. 9.4-9.6. Couple of really tiny flaws, but should still get that.
  9. 1.0, but as it's GA, you may get a lucky 1.5
  10. Normally they give around one point leeway for Gold Age. I've got an All-Flash that has a detached top staple amongst other things, silver age and that would have been 3.5 all day, but it's a 4.0.
  11. Again, if it was SA, i'd have said 3.5, but I reckon if you press and clean it may come back a 4.0
  12. On a SA book I would have said 3.0, but as it's GA I'd say 3.5, maybe a 4.0 if you send it off for a press & clean.
  13. Looks to be called a Hand Bound Reject