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  1. Thanks Mike, @kagemusha7s For all interested, these now end in 9 hours. Get your bids in and best of luck! andy
  2. Thanks very much! Everything is still super cheap, though. I hope more of you take a peek...
  3. Hey guys, I put a bunch of books up for auction, no reserve, starting at $1.00. The reason I'm posting this here is because there's 4 nice G. I. Combats that I'm sure someone here would love. Below is a link to my auctions, and it shouldn't take you very long to find the four GICs. Thanks and good luck! I hope some of you win them.
  4. Hey everyone! I was sifting through my eBay store and decided to move some older stock to auction. All the books start at $1.00 and will sell wherever they get bid up to. If they're going to sell cheaply, I'd much rather my friends here get them. (You'll also be doing me a favor by bidding ) Thanks in advance and good luck! Andy If this link doesn't work, you can search "forestcitycoins" when you do an advanced search by seller.
  5. Well, post counts shouldn't mean diddly. Not when there are (were) people who would post over a hundred times a day, basically just shouting "look at me, look at me!" Where's the attention whore meme?
  6. Sorry kav, Noobs had to be fair game because they had the stupidest things to say. Sorry noobs everywhere #noobshavefeelingstoo
  7. Noobs were not the only ones targeted. Dumbasses like bio-rump also made themselves pretty easy to
  8. thanks for the comedic relief, fingh! FYI, I'm the eleventy millionth person to declare that the golden age of the boards were far better than they are now. I miss those days. Every day (as long as you were in the VCC Elite) was fun! Pernts everywhere. Pile ons on pylons, locked threads and dongs everywhere.
  9. when you say "a running joke", do you mean one that has long "run its course?"