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  1. Hi everyone, Hoping to put together a set of Watchmen books 1-12 in CGC 9.8 or better. Blue label copies, not really interested in Sig Series. If you have a gorgeous raw set, you can reach out to me as well. PM with anything to talk about. Thanks, Andy
  2. Any old page. Are there some always available or hardly ever? Or yes, but priced sky high? How much would I need to spend to get a Watchmen page?
  3. Gotta give congrats to @FutureFlash for digging himself out of the basement. He had -2 Points after 6 rounds. sorry, had to laugh, but now I’m clapping.
  4. thirdgreenham

    2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest - Round 7

    I thought it was in the g/VG range. Could have been 2.5 or 3.5 and wouldn’t have surprised me either way.
  5. Round 8 ends on Tuesday night at 10:00 PM EDT. Good luck! Book 15: Strange Adventures #205 Off-White to White Pages Book 16: Torchy #1 Off-White Pages   
  6. thirdgreenham

    2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest - Round 7

    Batman Adventures #12 CGC 9.2 House of Secrets #61 CGC 3.5
  7. thirdgreenham

    War Comics

    Raw copies sometimes sell for $100
  8. thirdgreenham

    War Comics

    That’s why you buy it. Free shipping. Crack it out and read it. it should be read.
  9. thirdgreenham

    2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest - Round 7

    Azkaban hasn’t submitted. Nobody tag him, let’s just see how important this contest is to him.
  10. Here’s your chance for some cool books, free shipping! Have a peek! warning, these auctions end soon click on items for sale, then auctions. Move quickly!
  11. thirdgreenham

    War Comics Who wants a Big Five Information Guide? CGC 9.2 Auction ends in 50 minutes