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  2. New members join the CGC boards everyday, but some just lurk around without saying too much. The point of this thread is to give a heartfelt welcoming, and encourage our new boardies to introduce themselves and say hi. Hopefully, with your time spent here, you will learn some things, make some friends, and ultimately, enjoy yourselves. (thumbs u I'll start. I'm Andy. I love DC war comics, but have branched out into every which direction you can think of. Right now, I'm right into Golden Age books and classic covers. Don't be afraid to ask any questions. That's how you're going to learn. We do, however, have a search engine, and some people may end up asking you to use it. To save yourself a potential smidgen of ridicule, you could consider trying that first. So, without taking up any more of your valuable time, I'll step back from the podium and pass the microphone to you. Welcome to the boards, my friends!