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  1. Does this mean all remaining comics posted in this thread will now be subject to purple labels due to slight color touch? 😏
  2. Thanks. Ideally it would be on a SA marvel. In a perfect world, an x-men book. If I struggle to find that I will consider other books.
  3. Looking to add a Kirby signature to my collection to celebrate the birth of my son Jack. Please pm if you have something you are willing to part with and how much.
  4. overall i’m thrilled with grades.
  5. Should probably mention to be fair that CGC was awesome about fixing that (including shipping cost) and it was fairly quick.
  6. I guess I got my answer. Just got an email with a new received date for one of the submissions. Almost three weeks of going from done at CCS to back into the system at CGC. Crazy...
  7. My very first ever submission ;-)
  8. Of course there is no way to prove it, but yep, I would bet money on it if there was a way to prove it.
  9. And how many of people collect now a days because they grew up in the 90's and were caught up in it all? I bet the number is a hell of a lot more than you think. In fact, without the 90's, i bet comics would be long gone by now. There was some great content in the 90's and it sparked the love of comic books for so many people. It's so irritating to hear people trash that era...
  10. I don't get it. Something happens that got lots of new people into your store. How is this a bad thing? As a shop owner you should be wishing that this sort of thing happens more often and work on turning the temporary customer into someone who returns. Or I suppose you can just take the holier than now attitude about how only die hard fans should be allowed to shop in your store....tell me how that works out for you in the long run....
  11. You think that's bad.... Finally got the CCS charge for most last week but still waiting on 1 from 10/30 to be pressed....This is on top of the fact that the books were dropped off on 10/5 and took almost a month to even get into the system. I have no doubt that C2E2 will put even more pressure on these.....
  12. Does the date of received get updated when they are moved from CCS back to CGC? I have a few different orders that have been charged recently for CCS. Do you have to wait for receiving again the same as when they were initially sent to CGC? It took almost a month the first time around to get to received....really hoping I don't have to wait that long to get back into the queue...Also, I don't feel like the time it takes to process books from the mail room is added into the time estimates?
  13. A few pointers on Claremont from my experienced at NYCC last year. First, if you care about signature placement, I HIGHLY consider window bags. If you don't you will get the signature across the X-Men title (I personally am not a fan of this). Second, he had his own markers and one of them was a paint pen of sorts. I waited a good minute before returning the book to my stack and it still smudged terribly. Be very careful if he uses a non sharpie to wait long enough for it to dry.