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  1. No what i meant was are they worth more still sealed in the packs or should i open them and send them in for Grading? this probably isn't the right forum for this question. But if anyone know the answer that would be a great help
  2. If i have MTG cards still in the packs such as alpha, beta and 3rd edition is it better to leave them in the packs or have them taken out and graded I also have original pokemon cards still sealed in packs? Thanks for the help trying to keep the highest value for them.
  3. I’ve been trying to collect these 3 love the quality!
  4. I’ve been trying to collect these 3 love the quality!
  5. Hi guys I’m back into the comic collecting been out for about 20 years but just pulled my oldies and getting back into the scene of things I appreciate any help and thank you ahead of time... I have the spawn 299 sdcc 2019 signed by Todd McFarlane and there was no CGC available at his both. If I turn it in to be slabbed and its a 9.8 will it be a lower grade because of the signature? Or is there something I can do to not have the signature counted against it?