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  1. Well, I sure feel like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person. Thanks for your help jokiing. No, wait. I don't want to admit that it's my fault. I'm going to say that {select all that apply} is too small. Also, the guy who called me up wondering what I wanted to do after pressing never told me I could select both. Yeah, that's it. Not my fault. S
  2. On the online order form, there's nothing that gives you the option to tell CGC what tier/speed of grading you want them to go to after pressing. Unless I'm missing something on the form. What do you all do?
  3. Thanks for your thoughts, both. You're right, Lightning 55, when a recent $600 book in 9.8 ends up being a $350 in 9.6 and $200 in 9.4, it can be hard to pick a tier. I wasn't sure if the tier maximums had anything to do with insurance, but I'm guessing that's the most you can claim when you actually go to make a submission. S
  4. Max value for Modern is $200. Max value for economy is $400. If I have a book that's around $350 on eBay and try to submit it with a bunch of other sub-$200 books, what happens? Will I be charged more for that one book? What if I send it in alone? Does CGC even care? Thanks! S
  5. It is showing up in everyone's? I've received comics back since then that didn't have them.
  6. Please forgive me if this is a common topic, I couldn't find one like exactly what I had. I'm not trying to start up anything about "importance of a perfect slab" but I got back an order that has scuffs inside the case. This is something to let CGC know about, right? It happened to all seven comics I sent in. (Got them back around 10/14/2020, wondering if anyone else has had this happen.) Sure the harsh light accentuates it, but I can still see it in normal light from 6 feet away. S
  7. Yeah, there's a page in that issue that I'd pay $300 for, but others I've passed on at $35.
  8. I'm just thinking that if you're looking for a specific page, you might have your searches set up for page 15 but someone else might label it as page 14. Or you might have a friend looking for page 8 for you and completely ignore the page 7 you're actually looking for. Just curious to know if there was an industry standard for it. Sounds like there isn't.
  9. Hi all, kinda new to this original art thing. If a comic has a recap page as its first page, is that page counted as page 1? Was wondering if there's a standard that artists agree on when numbering pages? Example:
  10. Careful, only the 9.8s are seeing the bumps. People don't care nearly as much about the 9.6.
  11. Looks like the model 4, "Classic Red and Gold," the one that had a nose for a short time. Most of the time artists drew those bolts (or whatever) up higher. https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Iron_Man_Armor_Model_4 But other times it's impossible to not see them as nipples. http://www.ironmanarmory.com/classicredandgold.html
  12. I was in the same boat as a kid, the nearest real shop hours away. When I saw my first book with a Spidey in the corner, I was utterly confused. Also, I can speak a little to the destruction of newsstands. Working at Waldenbooks in 1998, I'd strip the covers to send back for credit. After years of being obsessive about condition, it was kind of cathartic!
  13. Newsstand issues have really blown up lately for key books, pretty much only on 9.8s. A lot of people are just now realizing that newsstands are hard to get in high grades, whether they're from 1989 or 2014. I have to admit I kinda saw this coming back around 1994. I had enough of a "collector's mentality" to realize that, once people had their long run of X-men or Spider-Man or whatever, that they'd get antsy and start to need to keep collecting, so they'd go after both covers. We'd seen it before with price variants, so it only made sense that "got all the spider-man heads" in the corne