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  1. Anyways, I’m eager to buy 1960s-1970s snapshots with Marvel comics and Marvel costumes and merch... I’ll pay good bread for pix I want. If you have any to sell, PM me! Here’s a recent score from ‘64: Boy in bed with DD #4!
  2. Oh you rascally rabbits! Here’s a gal with Scrooge McDuck poster and Playboy calendar, 1969.
  3. Say! I’ve got a different photo of the same lady with the same comic!
  4. This one’s creepy! Come on fellows, we can do better than this.... still worth owning if only for the sociological interest.
  5. I pawed through dollar boxes of pix for hours before I scored this great pic!
  6. Another Vampi! Above is Heidi Saha; this is Angelique Trouvere.