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  1. So... grade is in... Was totally surprised I did send it for pressing after all, seems like it was totally worth it. Maybe the grader was in a good mood too, I dunno. 9.6 after pressing. Gonna look awesome on my wall, super happy. Even with the pressing you can see a bit of a color break on the lower right corner (sorry for the bad quality, not my camera). Guess it was not as bad as you guys thought.
  2. Grade is in. Will upload when it gets here, any final guesses in the meantime?
  3. I’m aware but thanks for the reminder, Appreciate it! Thanks. So none of them is worth slabbing? I saw Detective Comics #880 being sold for 1000$ in eBay when 9.8. I guessed it would be worth *something* at a lower grade. Oh and I just realized I wrote 800 before instead of 880, so gonna edit it.
  4. Hi guys, So I want to have a big amount of comic books signed and graded, but as a student I cannot afford to be greedy. Which of the following books do you suggest I should have graded? Regarding value post sig. Grades will be probably 8.5 or higher for most. If you had to pick 4, which ones? Detective Comics #880 (will be signed by Jock and Snyder) Wolverine #100 (by Larry Hama and Adam Kubert) New Mutants #1 (by Claremont and McLeod) New Mutants #26 (by Claremont, and if he’ll be there then Bill Sienkiewicz) X-Force #1 (1991. By Liefield and Nicieza) Uncan
  5. Just didn’t like the writing that came with the reboot, most stories were shallow and lacked... I dunno, the feel they had before the reboot. Batman and Green Lantern maintained the high quality writing but Action Comics, Detective Comics and Nightwing all suffered tremendously IMO. I heard the same about other ones too. Oh and Aquaman from what I recall was also good post-New 52, but a lot of other stories struggled with making the characters young again, without most of their history, yet doing original stuff. That’s only my take on it, obviously. Rebirth (from what I hear) did a lot of good
  6. Thanks! It’s been on my shelf ever since I read it back in 2011, so I can’t recall since when it’s like this. Going to NYCC so been thinking about having it signed and graded.
  7. Grade please? And can pressing help with the lower left corner there?
  8. Hi guys, so I found in a newsstand this “Special Collector’s Edition” of X-Men #1, It has some minor defects that I noticed, as well as a kind of a fold or a kink at the left lower corner that I think (but have no clue since I never submitted) can be fixed with a quick press. On the left back cover (next to Psylocke) there’s seems to be a color defect.
  9. Hi everyone, I’m Nir, 24 years old, born and raised in Israel but currently live in Italy. I’ve been reading and collecting for about 12-13 years now, and next month going for the first time to the states for NYCC so been looking for info about signings and CGC grading. Cannot read anything from DC ever since the New 52 (yeah, I know that things have changed since then with Rebirth and all) so I’m sticking with Marvel (a huge Marvel fan) and Image.