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  1. are there regular size poly bags? current size may cause wrinkles in the book?
  2. thank you, i alredy have seen this post.i have mylites but i am using them for the most expensive comics, i am questioning about poly bags
  3. i have many moden age comics and i would like to put them in poly bags,which size do you suggest me? current size comiccare?is it worth it? or should i choose silver age size? we are talking about modern age books and some bronze age
  4. i do the same,but wouldn't be much tight if i keep doin'this?
  5. if i leave room in the box,would'n t the books fall forward?
  6. very funny, are you always so clever?
  7. so,maybe should i put htem straightfolded and more tight in the box?
  8. well,where?the creasing is much worse than it seems in the pics
  9. a fried of mine suggested the cgc forum, i think it's one of the best,immediate response and help,i will soon provide the photos!thank you all!