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  1. Hi Matt! Could you please add ElfQuest #2 3rd and 4th printing to the ElfQuest (Warp) set? Could you also add the JSA Our Worlds at War (ex. 0178119005) to the JSA set? thank you!!!
  2. Happy New Year! Justice Society of America (Complete 1976-1999) Could you add the following to this set? Infinity Inc Special 1 Infinity Inc Annuals 1-2 Outsiders Special 1 Young All Stars Annual 1 Thank you!!!
  3. Happy New Year Matt! Could you add a set for Justice League of America (1963) for issues 201-261 including Annuals 1-3? There are already sets for 1-100 and 101-200 Thank you!
  4. Hi Matt! I was wondering if you could modify the set Justice Society of America (1976-1999) to include the complete run of Infinity Inc. rather than select issues and also add the complete series of Young All-Stars ex. 3705812011 Thank you!!! Paolo Both complete runs have been added to the set on 11/6/20. Thank you
  5. Good morning Matt! Could you help me out? Could you create a set for the series Young All-Stars? Ex. 3705812011 Thanks!!! Set created on 1/15/21. Thank you
  6. Hi MATT! Would it be possible to add JSA: Blackest Night 1-3 (ex. #3 1157938009) to the JSA set? Thank you! Paolo Slots added. Thank you
  7. JSA Strange Adventures ex. 0632032041 Thanks! Set created per a previous request. Thank you
  8. Hi Matt! Could you create a set for JSA: Strange Adventures? Example 0632032041 Thanks! Set created on 12/2/20. Thank you
  9. Howdy, Could you please add Epic Illustrated #1 to the ElfQuest (Warp 1978) set? It has an early ElfQuest story done by Wendy Pini. Thank you!!! This is considered a TBP and is not eligible for the set. Thank you
  10. Hi Matt, Thanks for all of your help! I am really enjoying the Registry again. I was wondering if you could look at two scores for me? All Star Comics 58 (9.8) recent auctions have fluctuated between $1200 and $1900. Here are three recent Comiclink auctions All Star Comics 69 (9.8) recent auctions have been between $500-$700
  11. If we can't merge those later printings could we add them to the set list as separate books like in the screen you show? Hello @Crushalot, I am not sure that I understand your request. Please feel free to DM me with the details. The screenshot I provided was pulled directly from the census. All books are listed individually in the Registry set as well. Thank you
  12. Howdy! Could you add a slot for Justice Society of America Annual #1 to the set Justice Society of America (2007) please? Thanks! Slot Created. Thank you
  13. Hi! Could you please add JSA Annual 1 (example 2026642017) to the JSA set? Thank you! Slot Created. Thank you
  14. Howdy! Could you help me with the Elfquest (Warp 1979) set? Issues 1-3 had later printings that are not listed. When I search the census, those later printings show up as different comics. Can they be merged somehow? Thanks! Xoxo Hello @Crushalot, The additional listings are caused by the fact that the additional prints were released in a different year than the standard issue. Issue #1 lists 1st, 2nd and 3rd prints under the 1978 listing but the 4th print is under 1979 (its own listing further down). Unfortunately, I am not able to make these changes. https://www.cgccom