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  1. Ok its been awhile since I submitted cgc comics. I have the small cgc submission kit. CGC said I still had to do the form online. Before when I sent books in there were comic online stores that would allow you to go through their forms. You would get a 10% discount. Then mail to cgc office in Florida. Now I can not find or recall what online stores has this option. At the moment I saw the free cgc membership option on I followed the directions to select free member promo under the "drop off comics at convention" since the mail to cgc was not able to be used. Then selected grading. I have filled in 4 modern comics for grading. Two are the correct price at 20 per book. The other two for some reason say its 85.00 per book. So instead of 80 it says 170.00. I have selected modern in all of them so it should be 20 each. Why is the form saying they are 85.00 when they from the last two years?
  2. Last time I sent books to cgc was a few years ago. I recall I typed the book name and number, date and any variant of it into a forum. I entered my credit card number in the payment area and printed out 3 copies. One each for me, grading, and shipping departments. I also had to write that I gave permission to take out any sealed books out to be graded. Now I got a cgc graded shipping kit. I think it has a paper you write in the comics you are sending. Do you add payment onto that and is that the only page you send or do you copy it for your records as well?