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  1. Hey guys I thought some of you might have some info on this. Over the last two years or so my dad has been starting to sell his old comic collection of mostly 60-90s marvel, dc and others. Many cgc graded. A few would go for hundreds of bucks on ebay. What he would do is set a auction and a reserve price with say Xmen 75. Then if it didn't reach the reserve he would not have to sell it. Simple as I have always used ebay this way. Then about a month ago he got a huge charge on ebay. It seems that they changed the pricing policy and now if you do a reserve auction you get charged a lot even if the book doesn't sell. And if he had a high reserve such as $500 ebay would charge him a large amount. He called ebay and it seemed they just changed the policy and they did reverse the charges but told him from now on he would have to set his auctions to a high price. Meaning if he wants to sell something at 350 then he has to start it there instead of a starting price of 9.99. Does any sellers have info on why they changed this pricing policy as he has started to think of not selling his books when he has a large collection. We live in ND so there is not many places to sell a collection of that size and since he is retiring he wants to sell them rather then just letting them sit there. Any other ebay selling tricks rather then the suddenly high price of reserve auctions?