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    If I just sell the car, I can up my bid...
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  1. Thanks for the welcome back Arak attack smack Jon,but I only went to the bathroom. Having those people do the wave ,, was a bit much
  2. If anyone is having trouble making their commitment because of finances, Get with Mountie73 for assist, He made a killing off me last night * damn those MARVELS and their pretty covers*
  3. who maliciously and with cruel intent came in and GANKED my DD's
  4. 3 defenders, Kazar 9 10 the 2 hulks marvel adventure daredevil marvel super heroes hulk /kazar ALMSSSS ALMMMSS ALLLLMSSS for the poor
  5. Lets make it easy . .Ill take all you kid colts
  6. The Second was just 1 lone book...after that I left while I could still afford this months luxury items like milk,bread,soup etc
  7. Well I got to take part in my first ever YouTube live auction, Thanks to Jon Bountie73 The first win was an assortment or lot, gaggle, pride,murder