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  1. As for my ninja AlexH .. I finally made customs happy ( sheesh someone needs to tell canada that Texas is a friend LOL) anyway I left the tracking number in your private box. hopefully they dont hit any other snags
  2. Big Thanks to SxG for the great books . they came perfectly
  3. thank you for all that my brother and sorry i missed a good time. I choose the FIRST what ever that may be and I will get alex to send me address and away we go @alexh address please
  4. camper49's wife Strength and prayers my brother Thanks to everyone who was concerned about crystal. she is still trying to recover. Just our bad luck this year . Much love to everyone I forced myself to come give thanks and she wants to say a few words once we can talk again I do want to thank the worlds most generous and super cool secret santa ever...Mr #1 you absolutely amazed this family with your gift giving generosity. I almost checked my windows to see how you knew exactly what issues I did not have Your the best
  5. Hey everyone ..we just got back ... so who do I send to and do I need to do anything else .. sorry for any delay my visiting family/friends caused Happy new year all
  6. Wolvie can you break it down for me (noob) when do I need to come back what time and date
  7. Look here Y'all if you want to guarantee last minute delivery, load the truck , then get a Texas country girl as the driver here in Houston. whisper in her ear that her man is up in New York , cheating on her with her cousin. Packages should arrive in a couple of hours
  8. Crystal just has a package come in from GRIMLOCK the Cat.... dare I say , the timing was puuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrfect
  9. I agree completely with the 2 nd part of your post and we did all of them except the open and private thanks clearly, because its the 23rd and we shall do them . And yes you are correct, manners and common sense should guarantee this part Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Frank. All the best to you and yours
  10. Hi Everyone My apologies for the not having this in sooner and for not being around as much. 2 reasons The 1st we can talk about after the holidays 2nd stepmom has been in the hospital with her heart, If we have any prayers? people who pray. Her name is Jane Rediker of college station TX. Every little bit helps NOW !!! on to my Raffle submission. Each book or magazine is brand new , never opened or read, except maybe 1 .I kept them in their original wrapping or baggy and then placed in a magazine bag and board. While I hate to use even the blue tape to seal bags m Bedrock
  11. nice books all around but that TOD 10 with Blade caused me to do the deep inhale ... that's the one right there 10/10 Someday!
  12. Thank You for the time and effort you put in preparing all of this for us. As for getting better . I am fine I apologize I was doing a 30 hour crunch to complete many projects using the power nap and meditation method. In a moment of weakness I dropped my guard and a case of whining like a little biaatccch combined with a flare up of pussyitous did a ninja on me. I did a deep 2 hour rem session for the sleep deprivation and addressed the problem. It won't happen again but thank you. Your choices for me are dead on balls accurate as usual, So I will wait on the other reveals and ju
  13. I would like to thank the Academy, mom and dad for believing in reproduction, all my adoring fans and my secret santa "Webhead" The package is secure, We are in the pipe 5 by 5 , T minus 16 days and counting
  14. Thanks for the welcome back Arak attack smack Jon,but I only went to the bathroom. Having those people do the wave ,, was a bit much