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  1. Jerel. As long as Jerel is around, life is more than good. The girls send you their love mate. Gav! Wish them a Merry Christmas for me. I am only here for Jerel!
  2. Please lock/close this thread ...have a great day
  3. Closing the thread ... Pm coming for all non Hillbilly orders
  4. Hey I wanna join in the fun It is here and ready to go **this thread will be updated through out the con and I will take request if you are looking for something special** ***all books will be 9.8s**** Some fine print: Blue Label - price includes: 9.8 book / fast track grading / shipping back to you SS- price includes: 9.8 book/ prep/ sigs / fast track grading / shipping back to you Raw copy price includes NM + or better / shipping to non PO box address in lower 48 but I require a minimal of 3 total purchased (any mix you want) IF you are looking for something other then comics (toys etc.) or a comic not listed please PM me so we can discuss. Open to any and all requests No international buyers please [font:Arial Black] ** ComicCon Exclusives available--for now **[/font] Hillbilly 1 regular first print --- limited to 10 spots Hillybilly #1 SDCC -- going to limit this at 10 to start --- sold out taking a waiting list Snotgirl #1 Throwaways # 1 Horizon #1 Manifest Destiny #21 Birthright #17 Thief of Thieves #33 R
  5. That may be You, Evilash and me as Zombies Hey Danny!!