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  1. I opted for the Todd McElbowPress™ because of the quicker turnaround.
  2. Is he selling another copy of the same book just returned to you?
  3. Your offer of $725 is still there even if the seller counters. There are a couple of options of what you can do after the counter, but you can go in and reject the counter and cancel your $725 bid.
  4. You can add walt5312 for non payment
  5. For $3 a book it's hard to lose money buying them even if you haven't done your research. I went through a couple boxes again on Saturday and there were still lots of NM 9.2-9.4+ bronze marvels in there.
  6. Another loser: thiscraz-39 Made an offer, I accepted, no contact, no payment, no nothing.
  7. Just had a hassle free transaction with Ioannis and super fast shipping from Sweden.