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  1. Another loser: thiscraz-39 Made an offer, I accepted, no contact, no payment, no nothing.
  2. Just had a hassle free transaction with Ioannis and super fast shipping from Sweden.
  3. majofreema_7 for non payment on a BIN
  4. Some ancient mating ritual?
  5. This clown pulled the same thing with me two years ago. BLOCKED
  6. Yay, this should really speed up turn around times.
  7. Bought a couple of books. They were shipped fast and arrived in great shape.
  8. Good luck dealing with this guy in PMs. I worked out a deal on two books and accepted his counter offer an hour before the was placed on the FF45. I get a PM this morning: Sorry but someone put in the forum thread a "Take It" on FF45. I probably should have told you to just put a Take It there if you agreed to my counter offer. If this person doesn't come through it's all yours.
  9. FF50 5.0 - $200 Sub-Mariner 1 5.0 - $175 SS1 coverless
  10. And I have to wade through pages of drivel to find no new updates.
  11. It worked because Paypal was readimg this thread.