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  1. The eBay brand tape actually works pretty well, especially for the price. I usually buy it once a quarter with my $25 shipping supplies credit.
  2. francmcdon For non payment
  3. persia-56 for non payment Welcome to ebay noob.
  4. The inner well is LOOSE inside the case now and causes those spots when vibrating during shipping. The inner case didn't use to be loose. The spots inside the case happen ALOT. I guess they want to keep doing the same thing over and over and hope for the best. I have a reholder that is on it's THIRD attempt because of the spots. On books with dark or black covers the spots are pretty obvious.
  5. Another gift that comes with managed payments. Certain items are not allowed to be listed by sellers participating in managed payments, even though those items may be allowed on eBay. All sellers must follow the guidelines in eBay's Prohibited and restricted items policy. Sellers who are participating in managed payments have some additional restrictions on what they can list. What is the policy? Sellers enrolled in managed payments are not allowed to list the following items: Adult only items, including movies and video games Airline, rail, and cruise tickets Auction services Bullion Coins & paper money Event tickets Gift cards & coupons Lodging, timeshares, vacation packages, and car rentals Memberships for campground and RV parks Motor vehicles Wine Listings that don't follow these rules may be removed from the site or from search results. Other actions we may take include lowering a seller's rating, charging additional fees, limiting buying and selling privileges, or suspending an account. Why does eBay have this policy? When eBay manages the end-to-end payments experience, there are additional restrictions on what items can be sold. We are working to expand the types of items allowed by sellers in managed payments, and ensure we are compliant to support them in the future.
  6. You can add: coolestyo3655 For non payment.
  7. Did you mean to post a sales thread in the mixed section?
  8. With the inner well style used for an ASM 300, the book can move around a little in the holder. Total BS return.
  9. That's about to end thanks to the eBay managed payments system.
  10. I opted for the Todd McElbowPress™ because of the quicker turnaround.