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  1. Good Deal! I have a graded 9.4 but need the #3 in 9.8 to have all of the GS MOKF in 9.8. I hope you get it that raw 9.6+.
  2. Here's all I got. Bought it raw many years ago. Got it graded and here she is..
  3. I think that is tough to fine in 9.2 or better.
  4. There is no argument. Hulk 180 IS the first appearance of Wolverine. Very nice copy. My 9.4 copy will have to suffice.
  5. I bought my X-Men 94 in 9.0 many years ago. I never thought that book would take off like is has. Glad I still have it.
  6. Yes. I quit selling on Ebay years ago when they changed the rule you couldn't leave negative feedback for the buyer. I "may" one day sell on ebay but it will be cheap stuff so the impact won't affect me that much if the buyer turns out to be a jerk.
  7. Same here "but" if I can pick up a NS copy of <insert book and issue # here> for the same price as the direct edition ALL other factors being equal..i.e. centering, creases, PQ..etc.., then sure I'll go with the NS copy because it is more rare. Like you, I have a ASM#300 in 9.4 direct and I'm perfectly happy with it. (Not going to sell it and with some more money "just" to buy a NS 9.4).
  8. Yes I have. I sold it and bought it back on ComicLink. I was happy to get it back.