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  1. musicmeta

    Contacting Bill Cole Enterprises, impossible?

    Not sure, I would try another phone call and see if they still don't respond.
  2. musicmeta

    Has anyone used these mailers?

    All of this is good information. I have these "Gemini" type mailers and when I sell any raw books, I'll see how they are. I will make sure the comics will not shift during transport. Nice to know about the Uline S-165's as well. I have some white mailers that are very sturdy too. I don't know what the identifier is though.
  3. musicmeta

    Box to store graded comics?

    That's who I order CGC boxes from.
  4. musicmeta

    What's the best Comic Con for comics?

    That's what I want...Just comics to dig thru..This looks like the show for me.
  5. musicmeta


    Yes, I have a raw VF- copy and that cover is awesome. that 9.8.
  6. musicmeta

    Stan Lee RIP

    I only have one Stan Lee SS book and I plan on taking it to the grave with me. I stood in line for a while and got to converse with him a little while he was signing my book. That was something to me and so was the picture of him and I. This is such a sad day. Feel a bit empty right now.
  7. musicmeta

    Stan Lee RIP

    RIP Stan, I was fortunate to have my picture taken with him and have him sign one of my books for CGC SS series just a few years back. He looked like he was going to live to be 120 the way he was walking around and talking.
  8. musicmeta


    Going to have to stay away from this thread as that Punisher 1 9.8 is talking to me..
  9. musicmeta


    Nice books!
  10. Nice looking book! I lost out on the 9.8's that sold on ebay.
  11. This book has shot up like a bottle rocket! Amazing! I really want it but I'll wait and hopefully the price will drop some.
  12. musicmeta

    Moon Knight Rules!!!!

    Moon Knight 25 1st series in 9.8 is really selling for some good money... Last three sales were $696, $649 and $439 on ebay....I just couldn't go over $700 right now...I hope another one get's listed soon.
  13. musicmeta

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    How about Moon Knight 25 in 9.8! Selling for $696, $649 and $439 on ebay....Most expensive book of the 1st series. I just couldn't go that high.
  14. musicmeta

    House of Secrets #92 CGC 6.0

    Jeez! That was fast! Such a hot book!