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  1. I will watch this when it comes out! I have all 7 seasons of SNG! Great series!
  2. Some really great reading here especially the Venus and Mars series. Loved reading those books. I read a few Tarzan books and they were pretty good too. Some of the others were great reads as well. Been a very long time since I've read these but I they were awesome.
  3. Yes, me for one although I "may" read the books. I have the set, just never got around to reading them.
  4. This is buying shark frenzy in here..Nice books!
  5. It's in my will to divide up the assets including any comics left over after my wife and I pass on. I have instructions on how best to sell them and point them to sites like GPA, GoCollect and various auction sites for the CGC ones and the OSPG for the raws (..and explain what you're mostly likely to really get for the books regardless of what the guide states) if they want to try to get max value for them which of course will take some time..I at least hope to give them that option. I live here in the Dallas area so, my biggest suggestion is take it all to Heritage Comics and let them sell them. It's just a relatively short drive down the road. What my heirs do after my wife and I are gone is really up to them.
  6. Never stops being fun but I always run out of money all the time.
  7. to VintageComics and their seemingly endless supply of beautiful books!!