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  1. I also use Go Collect and I like it too. GPA and Go Collect are great sites for tracking CGC books.
  2. I use GPA and love it! I know it's just a "guide" and you have to look at other sources as well but it works well.
  3. If I'm still alive, I'll be in some theatre watching this...Can't wait!
  4. How much is Daredevil #73? I can't seem to locate the price..Thx!
  5. That ASM 50 is awesome looking! Wish I had the scratch to get it.
  6. I'm going to pay and watch it. Sounds like about a couple of hours of enjoyable entertainment for me anyway.
  7. Wife and I were watching TV..I missed all the action!
  8. This Moon Knight #14 book is on fire in 9.8. The last few sales have been $900+ . "Right now" there are only 6 graded copies according to the CGC census. I think you're going to pad that number and add a few more to the 9.8 census. The tough one to get in 9.8 is #8 with only 4 graded at 9.8 in the CGC census.
  9. I want a Western Ghost Rider movie.
  10. Good or bad, I've already bought my ticket so I'll find out soon enough if it's any good.