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  1. Good to hear business is rolling fine.
  2. musicmeta

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Wow! I have a 9.8 White copy of the glossy Rai..Never thought it would climb in price like this. I don't think it will hold that value but who knows what will happen in the comic book world.
  3. musicmeta

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Well, I liked reading the early Valiants. The pre-unity issues for sure. I really liked X-O Manowar and Solar. Only a few are worth anything but I sure enjoyed reading most of them.
  4. These Planet covers look really AWESOME! Love the covers on Planet comics!
  5. musicmeta

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Seems like Black Hammer SDCC 2016 and even the regular edition #1 are selling and climbing in value due to somebody buying the movie/TV rights?
  6. musicmeta

    Chicago comic shop to be given away

    NO way would I send in money for this. Sounds like a way for the owner to get some quick cash with no fallout. If I really was interested and I lost out to somebody else, I would want my so called "fee" back. Never heard about a business being passed off this way.
  7. musicmeta

    CGC not picking up from PO box, package returned?

    I mailed a package to CGC on Monday, arrived on Thursday but nothing in the system yet. I'll call on Monday if I don't see them in the system. Mailed USPS to the P.O. Box. Never had an issue before and hopefully everything is fine and I'll see the books verified on Monday.
  8. musicmeta

    Jordysnordy's Kudos Thread

    SUPER KUDOS to Jeff for a super smooth transaction. Bought some Amazing Spider-man books and they arrived fast in Tank proof packaging and they looked GREAT! I hope we can do another transaction soon.