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  1. Interesting books you're listing..Don't see these all the time. Nice!
  2. Thank You, While it doesn't have White pages (All my graded conan books have White pages) I bought it anyway..THANKS A BUNCH for the tip!
  3. Cavill is the the best Superman IMO. He was awesome in JL and his Superman movies. Almost irreplaceable (Is there anybody else that match Cavil's performance?).
  4. Yes it is. I only have it in 9.6 white..Would love to own a 9.8 copy "one" day. A tough book for "me" to find at least is Giant Size Conan #3. I only have it in 9.4 white. I simply cannot find a 9.6 copy.
  5. All I got is 2-26 all in 9.6 white except for 22 and 25, they are 9.8 white. Will get the #1 in 9.6 White fairly soon. Life keeps getting in the way.
  6. musicmeta


    Nice book!
  7. musicmeta

    Opening a new brick and mortar shop

    All this is so interesting to read. Looking forward to the next posting of info.