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    FACT if I stop posting, trillions and trillions of transistors would be out of work.

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  1. musicmeta

    Feedback thread - newshane

    SUPER KUDOS to Shane for some books I bought from. Books look really nice! Fast shipping, great packaging and just really nice to deal with. I certainly hope we can do another transaction soon.
  2. musicmeta

    Anyone Download the New Overstreet Guide yet?

    If you could use it on your mobile devices, I might consider it but for now I prefer the print version.
  3. A little more than a 9.8 copy of X-Force 1.
  4. musicmeta

    Fantastic Four #48...CGC 9.8

    If I owned Exxon, sure I would spend 25k on it. It would be chump change.
  5. musicmeta

    LUKE CAGE on Netflix

    Not for me I wish the rest of these Netflix super hero shows (Daredevil, Punisher, Iron Fist) were 20 episodes long...heck make it 35.. I really like these shows...I can't get enough...Really looking forward to Daredevil 3 and Punisher 2.
  6. I will most definitely will see this movie but not this week..Next weekend for sure! Really looking forward to it. The first one was AWESOME!
  7. musicmeta

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    I thought Harbinger #8 while very plentiful was actually harder to get graded in 9.8. Printing defects?? I never had any interest in obtaining it in 9.8. I've got 1-7 in 9.8. I don't care about buying #9 in 9.8 that much either.
  8. musicmeta

    Everything's $5!!! Final Recap on Page 14

    Strange Tales #2, #3, #4Strange Tales #5, #6, #7Strange Tales #8, #9, #10Strange Tales #11, #12, #13Strange Tales #14, #15, #16Strange Tales #17, #18, #19 per PM...Thanks Marc!
  10. musicmeta

    jbud73's Feedback thread

    SUPER KUDOS to Jason and most happy with the books I received! Great prices and packaging! A nice smooth transaction all the way around. I hope we do another transaction soon!
  11. musicmeta

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    Yes, I loved reading MOKF!
  12. musicmeta

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    Make it nine. Me
  13. musicmeta

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    I collect Warlord. I like Mike Grells work. Good reading too.