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  1. Daredevil #65 8.5 $30 $20 Daredevil #69 7.0 $20 $12 Daredevil #74 7.5 $20 $10 Daredevil #75 7.5 $20 $10
  2. For selling books, it's mostly either here or an auction house like Clink, MyComicShop..etc but most likely it won't be ebay. If I do sell on ebay it will be nothing expensive in case I get burned. I quit selling on ebay years ago when they implemented those new rules of which one of those was you couldn't leave negative feedback for a buyer. Last set of books sold on ebay had three that didn't pay and I only had two total for the few years I sold on ebay prior to these new rules. I can't even imagine how bad it is now.
  3. I'm thinking about a book I found to give this "spin a deal" a shot and see what happens. I think this is pretty cool!
  4. Really nice bunch of books getting graded! A whole lot of books!
  5. Yes, awesome selling thread. I was all spent but just couldn't pass up some of these nice looking Iron Man books.
  6. Something like this happened to me many years ago. I bid and won a comic on ebay only to realize the shipping was like $17 for one comic shipped domestically. I just paid it and didn't say anything because the shipping price was clearly stated in the listing. I was just blind that time...It's never happened again.