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  1. So, would you pay more, or less, for Captain America 111 with a double cover?
  2. Also, if you cleaned it, what does the back look like? Before there was some smudge dirt and a stain.
  3. I could have sworn I posted the images. But whatever. They're there now. That line on the lower right was a hair on the scanner. The real question is: Does pressing usually get rid of NCB creases? Is there a list of pressable defects somewhere?
  4. I look and I look and I see maybe some blunting on the LHS, plus 2 NCB creases coming in from the spine, one across the Thing's feet in the title box, and one ending at Mr F's mouth. I have no experience with pressing, but it seems like getting rid of those creases would be a good thing. Maybe cleaning, too. At 9.0-9.4 they say it's worth $100 and 9.6 is maybe 4 times that. Or am I just dreaming that it's anything like that?
  5. It's a pretty book until you look closely.
  6. I have this somewhere between 4.5 and 6.0, but I could be completely off. Too many variables. There is a 1/4" and a 1/8" tear on the back left side, both in the bottom quarter. There is a ding, but not a tear, on the front upper left, near the "r" There is an NCB fold lower right and a CB fold lower left. There is considerable minor spine stress, particularly near Mole Man's head, along with a bit of stress near the mislocated stable. The staples are solid and do not appear discolored, the corners are blunted but that's it. All 3 edges show very slight roughness,
  7. Bigger: Front Back Again, sorry about the double images. Can't seem to delete one once it is uploaded.
  8. ULC and LLC are big problems, as are the color breaks all up and down the spine (unshown). Staples are tight, all pages bound and the inside is bright as shown. Bigger: Front Back Inside
  9. Sorry about the 4th image. How do you delete an image on this board?
  10. So, as I explained earlier on the Newbie section, I put about 3000 comics down in the late '80s. All were bagged, but being stupid and "thrifty" only key comics got boards. Now, I'm retired and opening up the boxes. Christmas every day (along with a lot of disappointments). I've got some very pretty ones (Hulk 181 and ASM 101 and 129) and some tragedies (ASM 121 in 9+ except for the book-length fold down the cover). I also have a lot of things that never panned out (e.g. Spider-woman). I've spent the last couple of weeks entering them into Comic Collector as I board and re-bag them.
  11. Thanks, guys. Yes, I had assumed this (and I have at least 2 of those books (and probably 3 when I get to the H's). The GSXM is somewhere between 7.0 and 8.5 -- that counting of defects thing is pretty slippery -- but what ever it is it pays for the slab. And I graded that Warlord book as 9.2 despite the initial presentation as high 9. Close enough to decide what to do with it.
  12. Let's say that I have a collection I want to sell off. Some books are worth grading (e.g. GS X-Men #1) and some are not, but are still worth putting up on eBay. If I am allowed to use the vouchers for grading ANY book (and I should since I sold the one on eBay), then what I have is a free marketing tool on ebay, getting my money back when I get other books graded. My New Mutants #47 may not sell for much, but it will sell faster and for more than the same book without the CGC logo. This helps CGC, of course, as it gets their name all over eBay, and it puts hot vouchers in my hands
  13. I've just retrieved a few thousand bagged and (partially) boarded comics from storage, where they've been since about 1990. Some silver, mostly bronze age. Mostly high quality. I'm trying to grade them, at least roughly, so I know what to submit for grading and what to dump on eBay (with at least a sane claim as to grade). Being retired now, it's time to start realizing the investment. I have the two Overstreet books and some cataloging software, but I keep running into the same questions regarding a common flaw: spine stress (something that comes up a lot with books that were stored