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  1. Is it on average 2x of price on announcements? ie. if Marvel announced a movie for Gambit would prices double immediately? What about older characters ie. Green Goblin? Would that be a higher pop? thx
  2. Marvel Premiere 10 - 1st appearance of Shuma-Gorath
  3. Does CGC change their labels ever? I've seen Spiderwoman 2 graded and there's no mention of Morgan Le fey; same for Shuma on any of the Premieres...
  4. Hi, what does CGC consider to be the first appearances of Morgan Le Fey, and Shuma-Gorath? I cannot find any books graded by cgc that declare their first apps... thanks
  5. Hi, approximately how much are married comics deducted from original value? I know it is considered a type of restoration, but if a comic were only married, on say the fourth wrap, would this book still be worth approx. half value of an unrestored book in the same grade? Thanks
  6. The eBay seller of this book, uncanny stash, is a hack and shouldn't be trusted for grades
  7. Complete. all staples attached. please help with grade. thanks
  8. Hi, looking to buy detective comics 230 (1st mad hatter), 259 (1st calendar man). any grade. thanks
  9. Looking for low grade Silver-age grail books, like Journey Into Mystery 83, Tales of Suspense 39, Hulk 1, Amazing Spiderman 1, FF1, XMen 1, etc. Please message me with what you have; thank you!