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  1. looking for a Hulk 102 9.8 on the off chance someone has one....WP preferable.
  2. I know this has been asked before and have seen different answers over the years..... If I submit a slabbed comic to CGC In an I damaged slab to just be reholdered....there is a chance of them downgrading it?
  3. Anyone have any 9.9 mint CGC books silver , copper, or a few marvel modern they are selling?.....mainly looking for spider man or wolverine limited series....but would like to see what anyone has....
  4. Thanks!....Yes but’s double the highest ever sale though and although I’ve never dealt with comicmylars he has great books but is typically very high and will not negotiate at all anytime I’ve tried....
  5. looking for a spawn 1 9.9 for sale if anyone has one.Thanks.
  6. Want to buy Marvel spotlight 5 preferably 9.4 If possible but please let me know what you have.Thanks!!
  7. Want to buy FF 49 9.2 grade in white pages please.
  8. Hello.Looking for Fantastic Four 49 9.2 grade in white pages.Thanks!!
  9. Anyone have a Silver Surfer 1 9.0 or 9.2 with white pages and decent spine or a Marvel Spotlight 5 same condition?Thanks!
  10. Just upgraded so I am selling this copy of Fantastic Four 48 8.5 white pages.(first appearance of the Silver Surfer.$4700 Shipped USPS signature in the US only..Paypal goods and services. No returns.No trades at this time please.