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  1. I'll take ASM be clear not ASM #25
  2. Damage on front cover by Spider-Man’s right leg. Thanks
  3. A bit of nostalgia from 6/76 when the bar code first came out,second To last item on page.
  4. Graded on 8/18/2008 I have the pics on PGM (wrong forum I’m told) and being told it doesn’t even look like a 9.6 so seems the grading was more liberal then. that’s why it’s tough to buy a book on eBay, can’t say there’s any wrongdoing by the seller but boy I’d like to return it. I just don’t think that’d be the right thing.I’ll just re-holder and live with it.
  5. I would concur with the number being 1 to 1.5 off.take a look at my ASM #7 that when I compare with my 5.0 early silver ages with similar flaws- multiple color break spine creases blunt corners etc. fade brings it to 3.5
  6. Indeed! if I put it next to my ASM 300 ss that's a 9.4 you would reverse the grades and I have a 252 that's a 9.6 that by these standards would be a 9.8.i read all these stories of grade bumps.maybe there are THREE things people lie about: how much they make, how big their _hands are and grade bumps! LoL.
  7. I have two 9.4's one my original purchase in 1988 that I sent in for Todd Mcfarlane sig.the other Stan Lee ss that I bought last year for $600 and both look better in hand than this one!Think I'll reholder and keep it.should have grabbed a 9.8 last year.who'd a thought lol.
  8. Just picked up this 9.6 originally graded in 2008, don’t know how different the grading criteria was then. Wondering if with or without a clean and press any shot at 9.8?
  9. Just picked up a ASM 300 9.6 cgc on ebay,it was graded in 2008. Any insight as to weather the grading critiria was less strict or more back then?
  10. When was the book graded originally?And how do we know if we're in a "strict period"? Reason I'm asking is I have a GSXM 1 that is a 8.5 that has never been pressed(has creases that would benefit from press) and a ASM 300 9.6 originally graded in 2008 that i'd send in.i'm also willing to take the risks just like to know just how much risk I'm getting into?
  11. From some of the posts I’ve seen around sounds like you are the man JoeyPost when I comes to pressing so your opinion trumps everybody else IMO. So if I read between the lines I think you’re saying there’s enough validity to take a shot?
  12. Hey I understand it’s a gamble,risk to reward and all that. this was graded five years ago when you say they’re a little tighter is there any facts to that statement?
  13. Checked with cgc,they did not press the book.the question is, if a clean and press could fix the two creases and maybe the stain can it bump it to a 9.0.
  14. Ok,cert #0267309012.and 1013009002 Thanks
  15. Hi, I am sending in two cgc books for screening to see if they are good candidates for pressing, and if so press and regrade.If they are not recommended for pressing can I just have the books sent back or do I have to follow through with the regrading? And if I decline press and regrade can I have them reholdered only and sent back? Thanks.
  16. So is there anyway I can know if they pressed this book when it was graded?
  17. So ccs can see it's a previously cgc graded book?