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  1. Looking to fill in some holes (all in NM or better raw, please): Looking for 207-209 - paying guide ($9 each) Looking for 268 (paying guide $25). Would like to purchase from one seller to combine shipping. Thanks!
  2. With the rounding of the edges to the cover, staple stress, and dog ear on the bottom front cover, I'd have it as a VF-. I really don't know how the near complete tear would be treated. It's almost certainly not production, so it would be a pretty big hammer. I'd think it's most appropriately QUALIFIED so 7.5 (Q). If I had to give it a technical grade, it would be in the GD - GD/VG range. The tear is too significant to call it "average" wear (FN range) so it'd have to drop to exceptionally worn, which is GD.
  3. VG (4.0) for me, but, in my experience, I've never seen a book with noticeable moisture damage grade higher than a 3.0 with CGC.
  4. FN (6.0) for me. FWIW, it's also a very good candidate for a press/clean.
  5. Slight corner wear to both corners of outside front cover, slight soiling back cover. NM- (9.2)
  6. Spine ticks, rounded corners on spine, with slight splitting of bottom of spine, slight bend bottom right front cover. VF+ (8.5)
  7. IMO - the top right crease would be consistent with VF/VF+. Pressing should resolve the lower corner issue, but the color break would, again, just my opinion, likely keep it out of the NM grade ranges. I don't think you can have that significant of a color breaking bend in VF/NM. Maybe you get lucky.
  8. Is it completely loose? Seems cover's detached and CF is popped. If completely detached 1.0. If at least some of the wraps are attached, I can see a 1.5 on a good day. IMO - as well worn as it is, without any major pieces missing, it's hard to see that getting a .5. Colors are still pretty good and pages look well preserved.
  9. I count 2 spine ticks, the blunting to the bottom corner of the spine, and the slight "fanning" of the book. VF+ / VF/NM for me. I'd err higher because the misalignment is production related, it would appear. 9.0