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  1. What does the inner well look like? It looks like someone tried to open the outer well, but the inner well is really what matters. If the book is still sealed in the inner well, and consistent with the grade, I wouldn’t worry too much, outside of getting it reholdered.
  2. I'm sad to see it go. I echo the sentiment of others that this is what kept me in the LCS for a good long stretch in the 2000's. If not for TWD, I probably would have given up collecting, or at least given up on moderns. Reading the issue, I think it's clear that Kirkman had an ending in mind (and the letter confirmed as much). I think it's fair for the writer to simply say "I can't get any more out of this, it's only going to get worse and it's time to end on my terms." And that's what he did. I'm glad it didn't end on a high, because that would have betrayed the story. I'm glad it didn't end on a low, because something that went that long should at least end with some feeling of hope, but I am sad that it just kind of ended.
  3. Obviously I really want to read 193 before jumping too in depth on this, but it just feels empty. I don’t see how they can resolve the entire series with 70 pages. Heck, I think that might just be a fitting send off for Rick. You can’t possibly tackle Rick’s death and still give any kind of meaningful resolution with Carl, Michonne, Maggie, at the bare minimum, and give us some kind of “how did this happen” answer as well. The other thing that stands out as odd, at least to me, is that Kirkman’s story telling has been tailored to the collected edition readers. First with Lori’s death in 48 being the end of volume ___ (and sending a ton of people into the LCS for 49), and now his explanation that compendium 4 ends with 192, and thus the importance of doing something major in that issue rather than waiting for #200. Obviously they can fit 193 in there as well, but it’s odd to end the whole flipping thing at compendium 4. True dramas are usually told in 5 acts. If there’s nothing left to tell, fine, don’t belabor it, but with the introduction of Princess, and the Commonwealth, it felt like it was going somewhere, or at least reminding us that there’s a lot more out there beyond Rick and his people. With the 5 year jump after all out war, it seemed reasonable that we’d get somewhere towards answering all the long standing questions, like how did this happen, can society be rebuilt, is there a cure, and with the commonwealth I thought that it was at least setting up the ending of the Rick Grimes clan and maybe it just pivots towards macro type stories about this new world. At the very least, it felt like it was building towards something. Now it just kind of feels like it meandered and just ended. Again, I want to read 193 before reaching any finial conclusion, but I just can’t see any kind of resolution to this that can be done in 70 pages that would feel satisfying. I hope to be proven wrong.
  4. I think it’s been a great read and a great refresh on the character in general. The Hulk needed it. I’m interested to see where it ultimately goes. I don’t think turning the Hulk into an undying monster who is only vulnerable during the day is a long term thing, but who knows. Right now, I’m enjoying it, but I am worried it’s too close to going “stale” without some major kind of pivot, or reveal.
  5. Press and a clean would do wonders to that back cover. VF-/VF with that BC as is, could be VF+/VFNM with the clean and press.
  6. Higher quality scans would be helpful here. Looks like a heavy dust-shadow on the back cover. Torn overhang on the BC is unfortunate because it looks like it was miscut, contributing to that tearing/fraying. I’d call it a VG/FN, but my experience is CGC hammers dust-shadowing, so it may grade out lower than that.
  7. X-Men 1 continuing to run seems the most likely. Movie buzz, the title getting "put back" prominently in the Marvel universe (both comics and eventually joining the MCU) and having a lot of catching up to do relative to its Marvel key peers all make for a good bet. SC 22 also seems like a good bet. It's really tough above mid-grade, Hal is by far the most popular version of the GL character, and DC due to probably reboot everything related to their movie universe puts this one at the top for me.
  8. Hey all I'm looking to fill in some gaps in the runs I'm working on, would like 9.4 (or better) raw copies of the following Action Comics: 650 - 657, 659-661, 663, 664, 671-675, 678, 680, 682, 683. Ideally would like to buy as one lot to save on shipping, I don't think there are any real high dollar books in there. PM me, please! Thanks! - Trent
  9. The thing I wonder is if ASM 1 introduced a mainstay character (JJJ aside), would this be even higher? Like let’s say ASM 1 was the first Aunt May, or Doc Ock, it’d be through the roof.
  10. What a great idea for a thread! I have four that are too sentimental to sell. All have to do with my father starting my collecting habit. ASM 19 was the first 12 cent Spider-Man I ever got, and ASM 28 was a personal grail. When Stan Lee was in South Florida my dad took me to meet him and he signed both books for me. X-Men 1 was the first mega-key I ever had (a birthday present) and FF 48 was the last book my dad bought me as he'd pass away a few weeks later. All this was within about a year of each other. It's a whirlwind and a bittersweet memory. All too sentimental to ever let go.
  11. 798 has to be the first full appearance, no other way to look at it. 797 is first "in shadow". This is Venom ASM 298/299/300 + Web 18 all over again
  12. I really think this is kind of the end of the brick and mortar comic shops. It would seem Marvel's only function to Disney is as an IP factory. Whether that's in print or digital is really of no concern. You're going to see fewer and fewer people buying the monthlies, instead just waiting for collected editions. And if that's the case, it's not a far step to just going digital for the collected editions, or Marvel Unlimited. It's really bad for the hobby, long term.
  13. If the content is to be taken literally, he hasn't shown up yet. ASM 796 had the Carnage symbiote reject the nanites in Norman's blood preventing him from being the green goblin. Safe bet seems to be that we'll see the Red Goblin in 797. Everything else has just been Norman with the Carnage symbiote, not the Green Goblin with the Carnage symbiote, hence, the Red Goblin.