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  1. My second question was: "do they sometimes not mention color breaks with creases or spine stresses?" and that link did not address that, or any of my questions. Please, let's stop wasting our time on this. I am only taking the time to respond because I am new here and I don't want an unearned reputation that your posts imply.
  2. Fantastic tutorial and I hope some of the sellers that have shipped me stuff see this and learn from it. I would just like to add a couple of things: 1. Use corrugated cardboard. Don't just cut up some random box and call it good enough. 2. Use strapping tape. 3. double box. Is this over doing it? You bet your sweet behind it is! Over doing it is my goal, anything less increases the chances of damage. Sometimes even "over doing it" still results in problems. At least you can say that you did everything you can to avoid damage.
  3. Nope, it sure doesn't. That is the very first thing I read when I was trying to find the answers to my questions and it doesn't address ANY of my questions. I am not the type that is going to lazily just post questions. I have no problem trying to find the answers myself if I can.
  4. Thanks Capra that is EXTREMELY helpful and clears everything up. I wish you worked for CGC or, at least, wrote the FAQ for GRADER NOTES and PRESSING on their website! :-)
  5. Sorry, I am not sure what you mean by missing data points in this context.
  6. It seems as if grader notes list defects in order of worst to least but maybe I am wrong. it would be good to hear it officially. I searched CGC's site and the internet and read everything I could find but nothing. In fact it seems as if every question I have about grader notes & pressing is NEVER answered when I search for them. They just go on and on about every common sense thing you could think of. Anyway.... Also do they sometimes not mention color breaks with creases or spine stresses? Seems like sometimes I see "CREASE, BREAKS COLOR" while other times they just say "CREASE" even tho
  7. With their OUTRAGEOUS commission rates I can't imagine selling there. Maybe if it was a really rare, really $$$$ comic? Even then?
  8. Sure, anywhere you can think of is fine
  9. Feel free to poke holes in this, this is just my take on where the highest prices seem to be coming for each era. This is mostly my experience as a buyer as I haven't done much selling. I have done quite a bit of research on Gocollect and GPA. One problem I know that both have is with eBay best offer sales. I sold a comic a couple years ago with the best offer option and the price listed on both Gocollect and GPA is $200 - $300 more than what I sold it for. I think they register the seller's first counter offer? The fixed price sales also seem out of whack but I am not positive about that. I i