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  1. This was the answer to a question about why the books heating up. You disagreed with this answer. You then just responded that it’s been heating up due to this exact reason. You said it yourself that it’s been speculated on for sometime for people in the know. So how is that quoted statement above not accurate? It obviously wasn’t as detailed as your answer but the statement holds up.
  2. When Sony announced the Spider Woman movie/series most speculated on it being Jessica Drew. Others were speculating on Anya.
  3. A 9.6 sold for $200 recently. I was wondering the same thing.
  4. Yeah I’ve seen it in some Image Comics but never on Marvel.
  5. Maybe someone can help. I’m seeing these Avenging Spider-Man #10’s Newsstands online and it definitely looks like stickers were placed over the regular barcode. Anyone have any info as I’ve never seen a marvel book like these? Or so we have some shady sellers? 3 different copies with different sellers.
  6. She’s on all the covers and actually makes an appearance in the story as BP in BP5. Marvel Previews 64 is also selling well and has her on the back cover I believe. As well as BP Annual 1 which has an alternate earth story containing the characters actual first appearance as BP. Marvel had to of known he was sick and planned for it just in case. A whole lot of people are speculating on this happening. I can see them doing an all female super hero movie or series as well. I actually recently just got a copy of BP2 which I won an ebay auction for $34. It also contained the first six issues. It was in the mail when he passed away and the Shuri books caught fire.
  7. That’s a hold book to me. I mean imagine when an announcements made and she appears in a movie or series?! Definitely hold the books going to definitely go up a lot more.
  8. I disagree completely. Almost every collector I know has sold off their collections and started back up years later. Hell I’ve sold my different collections over the years several times. I’ve taken huge breaks in collecting but always come back. I also collect runs although not as many as I used to. How many in here have sold off their collections in the past and come back? How many have taken years long breaks from collecting? How many have sold off a run and went back and started collecting it over again? I’m betting the overwhelming majority will say yes to one or all of those questions myself included
  9. I was speaking of all the other books. I understand that those specific Spider-Man issues have bee explained. The following is a hulk book. Why does it say Wolverine? This is just one example of many.
  10. How do you explain just about every newsstand for years having the wrong title near the barcode on modern marvel newsstand? There’s an awful lot of them that don’t coincide with the title of the book. I mean it used to say Uncanny X-Men if it was an Uncanny X-Men. I’ve been curious about this for awhile and would love to know why so many have the wrong title.
  11. He was speaking of the Sensational Spider-Man near the barcode. My understanding was it was a money saver and they just went with it.
  12. I’ve never seen and newsstands of The Brotherhood but I just bought a full set. Well #2 isn’t but the rest are.