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  1. Nice books but this is a thread on Modern Newsstands which those aren’t. Still nice though.
  2. They will designate it as a newsstand if it’s got a different price than the direct edition. There’s other reasons they will but that’s the main one.
  3. Yeah I was going to say I have some Wolverines that have Display Until Dates of Late December of 2013. So there should be a few more as already stated.
  4. He wasted all those millions on that stupid baseball.
  5. Recently found some cannabis both inside the bag and inside the book itself. Years ago I had gotten some nice early FF Silver Age books and they were slimy. I believe they had been in the bags so long that the bags started breaking down because the bags were extra slimy feeling. Have also found plenty of boogers and stuck together pages.
  6. CGC would put newsstand price variant on the label of those books. Only because the prices differ from the direct market versions.
  7. If it were me I’d hang onto those. I’m almost certain newsstands are catching on. I can guarantee you’d get more for the newsstands than the direct counterparts if ever sold. Exceedingly rare in high grade. Rare in any grade really.
  8. Any signed books would’ve come in comic lots online. Otherwise I’ve never bought any. Half my post wasn’t relevant to this thread and I apologize for straying.
  9. Wasn’t trying to troll but I have an opinion and there’s a difference between the twos grading definitions. If No one can respond in a civil manner I’ll just leave it be but I have valid points. I don’t seek out signed books but I have several and I’d like them better if they weren’t signed.
  10. I don’t go by cgcs grading, I use Overstreets. I can’t use their ridiculous grading because 1) No book is absolutely perfect. 2) Writing on a book whether it’s a signature or not takes away from the grade. 3) A book missing pages shouldn’t get a high grade either but they assign a grade as if the pages were there and stick a qualified label on it. Honestly if a books missing pages it shouldn’t get a grade as if it had those missing pages. It’s utterly ridiculous and why I go by overstreets grading definitions. And generally don’t buy signed books anyway.