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  1. Why pay for boxes when they have tons of them for free if you ask?
  2. Yeah I paid $225 for my graded copy. My raws weren’t anymore than $20. However they were bought months to years ago. That’s a beautiful copy you snagged.
  3. Nice, I was bidding on this one as well. My max was like $75 though. I do already have a few raw newsstands and a cgc 9.0 for sale on eBay.
  4. A nice raw newsstand copy of Captain America 6 sold for $410 earlier today. Full disclosure I do have one for sale and several others in the pc. Maybe I’ll list my Infinite Crisis 5 Newsstand since it’s selling. Have to check prices first.
  5. Mine are both showing as shipped with one already moving through the postal system. I thought he’d first appeared in Avengers Academy 1 with all the other characters.
  6. I picked up 2 cheap copies off eBay after a member here mentioned he’d sold 2 copies that had been sitting for months. There weren’t that many copies available to begin with.
  7. The not first printing will have something extra according to Dinesh.
  8. Last I heard they had a FFFB animated series coming up.
  9. The FF books are much easier to spot as the trade dress and barcode are located on the top of the book instead of the bottom. Directs have them at the bottom.
  10. I never knew this existed and bought the first two issues just now. Thanks!!
  11. I have zero interest in 99% of the store exclusives. As well the CBSI owned CBE are straight up liars. They said part of the cover would be removed from the reader copy. Everyone I’ve spoke to stated it was the entire front and back cover missing. So exactly how does that prove it’s one of their exclusives and not one of the damaged ones they they got replaced or a regular cover copy? They took a picture of 12 books with the covers ripped halfway off. They also think that a COA proves the print run which it doesn’t. I don’t buy books from scam artists which is exactly what those pos are.
  12. I can’t believe people even buy the store variants. They lie about the print runs and use wording that’s vague. The shop with a print run of 800 is BS. Marvel has a minimum of 3000 for a store variant. So that store is lying, destroying books or sharing the variant with other stores.
  13. It’d be at least 3000 unless they’re “destroying” copies like the CBSI owned Comic Book Exclusives. Don’t get me started on those lying pos.