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  1. I’ve heard of stores doing this with new stock coming in that hasn’t been priced. However if every time you checkout you have to wait while they lookup prices on eBay I’d drop the books on the floor and never step foot in that shop again! That’s just horrible! Maybe instead of being lazy and making people wait in line for inordinate amounts of time, they price books they should’ve priced previously to customers checking out. What’s the name and location of this joke of a shop so we can all be sure to not ever shop there? Ridiculous beyond belief.
  2. Speculation on her appearing in the Kraven movie. I’ve been picking up both books for about a year now. I have a few newsstands as well.
  3. Same Person is also the top bidder on the sellers only other item. Just not even trying to hide it. Reported both listings.
  4. The terms specifically say they won’t be accruing interest on the money. Glad to hear you’re having a better go at it.
  5. I was thinking the same. Mercari does the same thing. They wait until it’s delivered to make the funds available so that’s not a selling option for me.
  6. Off topic a bit but it’s ebay related. Anyone switch over to Managed Payments with eBay? How’s it going? Any thing that’s great or horrible? I’m going to tell you to avoid it for as long as humanly possible. The days of having immediate access to the funds from a sale are over. I’m waiting on average a week for funds to clear. I also don’t like that it can’t sit in my PayPal until I find another book to buy. I’m going to be less likely to spend that on eBay with it bypassing PayPal. You also can’t contact eBay though normal contact procedures. The one and only option is a callback and callbacks were averaging 220 minutes the other day. My items are actually delivered long before I see any money. It’s just horrible going from immediate access to my money to waiting a week. All so they could cut out PayPal and make some extra money.
  7. When I buy something regardless of price if it’s not as described they’re hearing from me. It was his unprofessionalism and attitude that prompted me to add him to the list.
  8. I do wish the variants had newsstands as well. Imagine the hunt and finding them.
  9. There’s a silver lining to being woke up in the middle of the night from an unpleasant and unprofessional seller. I found some late night steals on eBay books. I contemplated messaging him to thank him but decided against it. Lol.
  10. Another block worthy person?! Yes in my book and it’s to bad I can’t stop them messaging me. I was going to just let this one go but he won’t stop messaging me. Seller:dhj167 Bought a single new X-men 134 for under $10 shipped. Seller shipped loose comic in a bubble mailer and called it a day. Book arrived damaged so I contacted him to let him know. Provided pics of the packaging before I even opened because I could tell there was going to be issues. I forgot, when I bought this item it was a brand new account with no feedback. It made me hesitate but the price was to good to pass up. In a note to the seller when I purchased I stated that I usually stay away from new sellers but we’re all new sellers at some point and to please package safely to avoid damage. Seller immediately sent a message thanking me and asking how to ship as he was new to comics. I immediately responded with to please cancel my order as I didn’t have the time to explain how to properly ship. I received about 6-7 more messages in succession reassuring me it would be packaged properly. He’s used to shipping sports cards so not a huge difference. So I just let it go through. Kinda felt bad for him, idk why but I did. So the books trashed and looks like someone beat the package against a hard object, really rough and enough to separate the cover from the book and a huge tear among lots of other damage. I send a message and pics showing the damage. Seller responded with apologies and will issue a full return without having to return the book. He was going to refund as soon as another item he sold cleared or he got his paycheck. I then took the time to type out several messages on how to pack properly. Several because of the character limit on messages. A week passes and payday goes by and I contact for an update. He then stated he wanted me to return for a full refund. I went a head and printed a label and dropped it in the mail. It’s during this time that he starts messaging me about trying to scam him. I was trying to get a free book and taking advantage of him. He began with name calling and that was the final straw. He was blocked, reported and told to stop contacting me. I’ve received received a half dozen more messages telling me he doesn’t have to refund me because I’m beyond the 10 day deadline to return. Where he’s getting that info is beyond me. So the final straw was today receiving another message calling me more names and reiterating I wasn’t getting a refund. Along with the false positive feedback he left. He left verbatim, “buyer bought comic said was damaged didn’t show damage didn’t return no refund” Everything about that is false. I provided several pics and returned the book with tracking. As well as of me writing this post he’s messaged me 3 more times. Seller: dhj167
  11. Blocked and negative feedback left. He said he was having it removed because it was false. I haven’t checked to see if they removed it because it’s not worth the stress.
  12. And a follow up message from smilingwolf which prompted me to report them to eBay. ”35.00 comic for 7.00 and you cry, postman messed your comics up not me, with a very small dent in 2 issues others where like mint,, 1 issue was bad that I over looked, I got 700+ GD feed backs with another couple hundred sales with NO bad feed-back until yours so like I SAID you are a WHINNNNNNER .get over it ! crybaby getyasomecokoanateddybear.”