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  1. Everyone I know who orders from TFAW agree on one thing. They have the best Customer Service Period. The quickest way to get into touch with them is via the chat feature during business hours through their website.
  2. Thats what I heard as well but MT was involved with and is still with Archer. I think AR was burnt out as well because he was doing a majority of the voices.
  3. A few of Frisky Dingos characters actually appeared in Archer. Mr Ford and Simone both appeared in different episodes.
  4. It’s going to be a Venture Brothers Movie. Pretty excited. Now if Adam Reed would ever finish Frisky Dingo I could die happy. Lol.
  5. Still need to find a nice newsstand of 566, but I added another copy each of 565 & 567.
  6. People can ask whatever price they want to. Until something starts selling for that it’s irrelevant.
  7. This one’s confusing as it says direct but has a newsstand barcode.
  8. In your estimation what do you think the percentages were? It was my understanding the numbers were from Jim Shooter. I’ve never thought they were accurate numbers. I’d imagine if you tripled those numbers it’d be more believable. I just wish we had accurate numbers.
  9. How’s that even possible? If they stopped newsstand distribution how in the hell do they sell stuff that’s not there? Also what’s your source for 5% of marvels sales were done at the newsstands after stores stopped carrying marvel comics? As well the comichron numbers are the only estimation we get so it’s the best we have. Same thing with the Newsstand percentages. Are they spot on? No but it’s an estimation from Marvels EIC. I imagine there not to far off considering newsstands were returnable.
  10. Netflix has a first look deal with all Boom books. I read the first volume and I hated it. Boring dragged out nonsense that has been done much better before.
  11. I can literally point out dozens of people on different forums that thought Punchline would go nowhere. That a few months after she first appeared it’d be worthless. Obviously we were wrong but it’s definitely part of the equation.