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  1. If it’s a store variant Marvel has a minimum of 3000 in order to print it. That’s the info I’ve heard from reliable sources.
  2. Posted in the wrong thread earlier. Another copy of the first Magdalena.
  3. Another copy of this book and this one needs a pressing. Actually have quite a few I’d like to get pressed but I’m focusing on getting everything in mylites2 & fullbacks.
  4. It’s all right there In my post. A person asked if shill bidding was involved. A few people responded with its fishy. Then someone posted the screenshot of the winning bidders history and stated it’s fishy. So a direct question with responses leaning towards yes. I don’t think anything fishy was going on myself. Everyone started as a new buyer at some point.
  5. Someone a few pages back asked if it looked like shill bidding and there were several it’s fishy responses.
  6. What’s fishy about it? Just to clarify what I’m seeing. The bidders a new account with 3 bids on the same item? I guess I can see that could be indicative of something shady but not proof. What would the point be in buying your own book? I could see someone shill bidding if they aren’t getting the money they want but actually following through and paying for the item isn’t the normal next move, especially that amount of money.
  7. Tonight’s winnings. Some DC books for a change.
  8. Got these from a friend on another forum. $20 including shipping. They could benefit from a press.
  9. Pretty excited about this lot. There’s only 5 newsstands but the important ones are and it came in under my max bid.
  10. I know the person who sold it from another forum and I trust the person. The bidding didn’t even begin until just before it ended. There was also a $5500 dollar offer as well. How hard is it to believe that a book that pops up less than a dozen times a year that also features the first Appearance of a super hot character can’t sell for serious coin? Considering the rare 1:25 variant cover sells for half of that generally, with a recent copy selling for $9000. I’ve seen no more than a dozen newsstands pop up over the last year+. There’s 20 available of the 1:25 currently with no newsstands currently.
  11. Ultimate Fallout 4 CGC 9.8 sold for $8,100. No not the variant but the Newsstand Edition.
  12. I’m one of the poorest on here I can almost guarantee. Lol.
  13. Since Direct Editions came into existence most of the time they’re priced the same as newsstands. Sure there maybe a bunch from the 90’s but looking at the big picture they’re usually the same price. The example you used I wouldn’t consider a price variant because although their priced differently. The gimmick cover was more expensive than the regular/standard edition. Maybe even a cardstock cover and better page quality. Idk. I don’t have those to compare.
  14. I feel it needs an extra descriptor because both editions are priced the exact same 95% of the time and for a few different years they were priced differently. I think I’m going to continue calling them that but I’m going to call the True Newsstand Price Variants just that. I know when Image had Newsstands in the very early years, they were priced lower than the direct editions. That wasn’t the only difference the newsstands has ads and lower page quality. I believe they may have had more pages but I’d have to dig into the collection to figure it out. So it’s more than just the price difference
  15. Thanks for taking the time to explain it in detail, it’s Greatly appreciated. I agree with everything except when the newsstand is a different price than the direct edition. I think variant fits because Normally the directs and newsstands are the same price. I guess we need some way to describe a newsstand that varies in price from the direct.
  16. So because you say so I’m wrong? Sure thing. It’s what I call them and I’m not alone. I can break it down. It’s a NEWSSTAND that has a different PRICE, which makes it a VARIANT from the Direct Edition. Newsstand Price Variant fits exactly. You can call it whatever you want I’ll do the same. A trivial difference would be the slight barcode difference between a lot of directs and newsstands. A major difference would be page count, ads, different paper stock & a different price so excuse me if I don’t value your opinion on the matter
  17. So page count, ads, different paper stock, along with a different price than the directs are all trivial differences?
  18. Thor God of Thunder #2 Newsstand 8.5 Raw sold for $122.50. Compared to the $30-60 the directs sell for. An Ultimate Fallout #4 CGC 9.8 Newsstand is on eBay as I type this and the seller I know has had offers as high as $5500 in the few days it’s been listed. Before UF#4 really blew up there were newsstand sales that were 6-10x more than the direct counterparts at the time. Keys whether they're a first appearance, sought after story or artwork already have a great market that’s rapidly growing. Common issues that aren’t as sought after are also gaining in popularity. Don’t forget about run collectors who will pay multiples of what the direct counterparts sell for to fill holes. I’m one of them and I love filling holes. To me a newsstand price variant is a newsstand that has a different cover price than its direct counterpart. I know others have varying opinions but thats what I call em.
  19. $10 including shipping. I love inexpensive books.
  20. Ordered these earlier. I liked the Batman 643 Jock cover so much I bought 2 of the 3 copies available on eBay. The other I would’ve bought as well but the covers had marker through the barcodes.