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  1. All 3 books are in great condition with white pages and great spines and accurate grading. Selling at a great price to put together funds for the holidays.
  2. I need to draw up some extra funds, so I'm selling these books at the best price you can get them online. How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way Autograph Signed by STAN LEE Some may ask why would I want How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way signed by Stan Lee. I say why not, who else can say they have this drawing book signed by Stan Lee? Just me or you if you buy it. Now there is a possibility that Stan signed another one, but I've yet to find it, let alone find it for sale. Silver Surfer #3 VF 1st Appearance of Mephisto This hurts to sell and while I'm not happy to have an incomplete Silver Surfer collection, I'd much rather sell #3 than #4. You guys won't get that till after I'm dead. White pages, great cover and spine. FANTASTIC FOUR Annual #6 Franklin Richards & Annihilus 1st app Always loved the cover and the story, another great book. DAREDEVIL #10 8.5 VF+