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  1. in the new Spiderman trailer she's too 'busy' to help out.....too many frying pans in the fire.
  2. Revival CGC/SS #3 and #4 unique one of a kind items Signed by Tim seeley and myself (letters page). CGC was gracious enough to allow me to sign and authenticate the comics several years ago (my letter appeared inside)...Guaranteed one of a kind item for the discerning Revival fan. Selling both CGC/SS and in addition ill also send NM+ copies of #3 and #4 to accompany the slabs.
  3. as long as it's a different Carol Danvers with a better haircut...Brie Larson is dead to me as Captain Marvel...horrible actress.
  4. Great for restocking a store DC Rebirth 125 mega lot, NM/NM+
  5. That's insensitive to people who's loved ones died while eating ice cream
  6. yes, but, i think this hulk/banner mutation is quite a bit weaker than the original.
  7. i didnt like her 'smirk' when Thor summoned her hammer...Captain Marvel should not smirk.
  8. Sorry Tony Stark is Iron Man, he even made that clear near the end....Pepper Potts is not Iron Man, anyone can wear the armor, but no human in the Marvel Universe, besides Reed Richards, has the tech savvy, smarts and deep felt humanity as the original man in the Iron Suit
  9. Problem with that is I know she dies down the road......prequels concerning characters who are dead aren't fun to watch, for me at least. Im done with RDJ now that they've killed him and done with Cap now that they've aged him....can't go back flashbacks or alternate versions are acceptable. Im more prone to rewatch movies when a major character doesn't die at the end and has a satisfying ending that doesn't seem like it was done just because an actor wanted 'out'. Similar to the Penny from timeline 23 in Magicians, can't suspend belief that much.
  10. Biggest laugh in the film? When Pepper Potts stood there in her armor, audience laughed for quite a bit....they missed comedy gold not having her daughter beside her in baby armor and saying 'no time to find a babysitter'.
  11. without Tony Stark and Capt America i wont be watching any B rated super heroes......they'll probably turn the Avengers into A-Force with an all female almost seemed like that one moment in the film was leading up to the that....and Captain Marvel, get a new haricut, looked horrible.