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  1. the theater i was at last night was a 7pm showing........3 of us were in the theater when the previews started up and then about 6 more walked in.........9 people for a prime time moving showing of a film that has only been out a week isn't looking promising
  2. Just saw it.........very slow beginning...the middle stuff with him being a jerk stretched on a bit too long...i want more of the people at the end.
  3. i'm a bit dense about comic based movies.........also surprised regular movie viewers that saw it liked it less than the RT 'pro' reviewers.....88 to 92.
  4. Really liked Wonder woman...she's pretty 'powerful'...yeah i read that 'somewhere' on the internet a week or so ago...'rumbling's about her being replaced...
  5. Ive heard talk of Brie being replaced...those going to see it are probably people having super hero movie withdraw and wanting some clues about End Game... Can't imagine Captain Marvel being anyones favorite character, so milk toast.....they'd be better off going with the A-Force Captain Marvel...maybe drop in a few of those characters or Miss America as a love interest.
  6. Selling High Grade NM+ or higher lots of Batman #1 King and Snyder, Wonder woman #1, Superman #1 Supergirl Hughes variant #1....will take reduced bids from boardies just message. FREE Priority mail shipping Wonder Woman Superman Lot Batman Lot Supergirl Lot Huge lot of Harvey File copies (purchased from Heritage)
  7. Just watched this last night......................can't believe this movie was almost 2.5 hours.....i haven't read this thread before posting....maybe everyone loved it.....the acting may have been the worst i've seen since Eddie Murphys take on Dr Doolittle Even though i asked myself why did Aquaman, a good guy, let the dude die, i didn't care enough to give it too much thought. His death was justified as recompense for my 2 hours of agony. oh, and the wife that how they color their hair in Atlantis, it's an odd shade of red...that's about the extent of the movie conversation in 2:23:00.
  8. I have 0 expectations since Captain Mar Vell was never my cup of tea, be it man or woman...all i want is a 'nice diversion' that doesn't put me to sleep like Black Panther did.
  9. Has nothing to do with his color, personally i dont think he's that good of an actor....I could watch James Earl Jones/Sidney Poitier and many more black actors in a score of movies. James Earl Jones has an ability to reflect a sense of inner wisdom and honesty, plus his iconic voice is a huge bonus. Samuel L Jackson himself, imo, is just not up to that level of acting ability. But whatever, like in all other areas it always boils down to race and it never reflects back on a persons actual god given ability.
  10. Seriously though, really getting tired of Samuel L Jackson in virtually every single movie from the last several years....and not just Marvel related, he's in everything....he's an ok actor, Pulp Fiction was his best, but he's just over saturated. Guy must be worth a billion by now. Edit: Here's his worth supposedly Funny line in there, 'and he's known to be one of the best actors of all time'
  11. but can an Old Angry white dude enjoy the film? I know speaking engagements by lead actors is important before launching a film, but these studios need to somehow put a clamp down on them using the platform to alienate a sizable chunk of the viewing audience.
  12. i struggled through, hit the FF through some of the 1 on 1 dialogue that just seemed to weigh down the momentum. I like time travel shows so not finishing wasn't an option. Wish there was more of 5 when he was working for the time travel police and much much less of sad and mopey ellen page, though she has mastered the art of being depressed and woeful and having read some of her interviews i don't think her acting was much of a stretch from her everyday life. It's telling when i was looking forward to more bird watching talk between Hazel and donut lady than 7s struggles. Viewers are alot more savvy than the writers gave them credit for, and thought some of the 'stunning' reveals were spoon fed too early. Still, ill watch season 2 if there is one. 7/10