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  1. Ah yes. WOW, so ebay books that say NM are or could be a bad grade just because the cover looks amazing. Thanks.
  2. Yes a scan of an already graded book is what i meant. But your response make sense to me. Thank you.
  3. I mean the grading is already done by GCG online. They show their grade and 9.8 but has corner imperfection however a 9.6 looks way better but lower score. Thanks revat I am doing that now. Looking like it might not be worth it. I might just have to put them in a case myself, just have to fine one to fix the large comic I have.
  4. I see that, I see some comic get 9.8 and you can see from the scan that there is imperfection on the cover however, a 9.6 and zero imperfection on the cover.
  5. AH OK. thank you. I have some reading to do.
  6. It is my first submission. What do you mean by shock?
  7. So would my best bet be to send a whole bunch in one box and have them send it back in one box as suppose to many shipping cost. BTW I am in Canada. So this will cost me a lot to have it grading.
  8. Hi just wondering when I send my comic in via UPS, how does it come back to me. I mean do I pay for the shipping back to me or is it covered?
  9. HI all, I am Ryan Created an account a while back but thought I would come here say hi and see what this board can help me with. Thanks