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  1. 3.0, both staples attached, $ 378 shipped, paypal. Returns at your expense, no probation or Hos members.
  2. $ 52 shipped.
  3. From the 90s, high grade, 9.2/9.4, limited gold edition of 1500, $ 69 shipped, paypal, no returns.
  4. GermanFan

    CGC will open an office in London in April

    Here and there a package got stuck in the customs.Then I had to drive there to get the book. 20 km forth and back. Thats why I seldom buy from US anymore. Plus shipping prices are so high now. Ten years ago a Parcel in which 10 comics or so could be stuck cost 18 $ or so to Germany with USPS, Thats no longer possible.
  5. PCH being dead as a coffins nail (boardie qoute around 2007).
  6. GermanFan

    CGC will open an office in London in April

    Great. Its much easier to ship to UK from Germany than to US. No custom problems.
  7. GermanFan

    I'm getting priced out of collecting

    There is an oversupply of money. Thats why you see record prices like in the Rockefellert Art collection auction. The people who have this luxury problem try to save their money in investing in all sorts of commodities. Art is is great for this purpose. Small, transportable and you can put millions in one painting. I think at least in the high end of comics the money also trickles in that market.
  8. GermanFan

    Tragic end to comic fans life and a lesson

    Drug dealers are mass murderers and should be treated as such.
  9. GermanFan

    Batman #16
  10. 7.5/8.0, $ 98 shipped, paypal.
  11. What is wrong with my selling post?

    1. GermanFan


      I cannot see what guideline I have violated.

    2. Architecht


      Hi @GermanFan You can ask questions like that in the forum linked below:


  12. GermanFan

    Planet 67. Low grade

    Sold per pm.
  13. 1.0 Front cover split. Backcover still attached (fragile), $ 56 shipped, paypal.
  14. GermanFan

    Superman 54 - $ 108

    $ 108 shipped.
  15. 3.5, on one page a small corner is out, affecting a panel slightly, $ 128 shipped, paypal.