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  1. Hi, Have anyone tried getting comic signed via mail away? if so, can you share your experience? thanks! :)
  2. hi, thanks for quick reply! Sorry that i have misunderstood that its not possible to get the ss back if send to cgc for reslab...then the 2nd case is possible... the first case, it depends on when the new case was introduced....i found it online, the new case was introduced back in april 2016, so the book could be legit
  3. Hi guys, I saw on eBay an item which was signed by Stan lee on 05/30/2015. I checked the cgc number and found that it was graded on 8/12/2015. But the case is the old cgc case. i found another item, signed by Stan lee on 6/1/13. I checked the cgc number and it was graded on 01/07/2014. But the case is the new cgc case.... my question is, is this possible??? Would you perceive buying comic in old cgc case riskier than one in new cgc case? thanks for helping!
  4. Hi, I am new to comic books. I have recently bought a CGC ss of avengers vs xmen #1 sketch cover on ebay which was signed by stan lee, olivier coipel, jim cheung and mark morales. I wish to get a signature from John Romita Jr. I know that there will be a signing event CCXP Sao Paulo. Can anyone suggest good CGC facilitator? thanks!