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  1. Unusual Comics published in Toronto in 1946 by Bell Features Publishing and distributed in Canada and the United Kingdom. Copy on the right is the version distributed in Canada and the copy on the left was printed for UK distribution
  2. yeah some insufficiently_thoughtful_person hit the BIN Trust me William, I came VERY close to hitting the BIN and like you, I took a moment to ponder it...and than decided NAH
  3. Found the Heritage sale with the old goodness label...
  4. Really? The image looks VERY familiar. I think the sellers account has been hijacked
  5. Auction house... proceeds to be divided per stirpes between my wife and two children
  6. This. First Nelvana of the Northern Lights cover and 2nd appearance.... It is my single most favorite book and the last to go...
  7. Published in Vancouver BC and distributed in the UK
  8. bought them as a set back in 2000