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  1. Help w Canadian EC Reprint

    It is worth approximately 70% of its US counterpart. Unless you can find a collector of the Canadian EC comic editions who will pay 100%
  2. Sun Feb 18 - TCBS Family Day Weekend, Toronto, ON

    Thank you Andy for the two marvelous golden age comics you made available to me.
  3. African-American Comics

    The only 2 NAACP comics published
  4. Sun Feb 18 - TCBS Family Day Weekend, Toronto, ON

    Andy's inventory is amazing. Something for everyone.
  5. Are you kidding me?

    The listing I sent the link to is on my page as I am located in Canada and that is why it is showing in CDN $. The seller is in the USA link:
  6. Found this on Ebay (not my posting)
  7. African-American Comics

  8. Are you kidding me?

    OMG...who picked this gem up with the BIN Rangers 26 ROCKFORD Somebody stole this beauty.
  9. African-American Comics

    My copy of The Future Rests In Your Hands