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  1. Did the seller not disclose cover was detached?
  2. No love for JIM 6?
  3. eccomic

    Show Us Your Atlas Books - Have A Cigar

    Time to revive this thread New Brunswick copy of JIM 6
  4. eccomic

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    It has come back to my home to roost. JIM 6 New Brunswick copy
  5. eccomic

    Post Your Anti-Communist Comics!

    So another decade long hunt ends with the acquisition of a virtually unique ashcan for the publication of the Anti-Communist Cold War comic entitled the Red Iceberg from 1960. This is ONE of only TWO known copies to surface of this miniature Black and White comic. The colour full sized publication that I suspect was published afterwards is abundant with hundreds of copies extant. This acquisition essentially enables me to complete the Catechetical Guild B & W ashcans/advance copies of Blood is the Harvest, If the Devil Would Talk, Confidential (Is This Tomorrow advance copy) and finally, The Red Iceberg
  6. eccomic

    Post Your Anti-Communist Comics!

    Thank you for your kind words
  7. eccomic

    Post Your Anti-Communist Comics!

    Thank you kind sir.
  8. The lot (5 pages in total) comprises three unused legal documents: pages 2-4 of the standard 4-page contract that Bell signed with its artists, a one-page form that was submitted to the Commissioner of Patents, and a one-page form that was submitted to the US Consulate in Toronto. The latter two documents are on Bell stationery and relate to the registration of trade-marks (copyright).
  9. Any cold war anti-communist books you would be willing to part with?
  10. eccomic

    Share your highest grade GA book !

    Dime 1 9.0 First Johnny Canuck
  11. eccomic

    What are the rarest romance comics?

    a toughie, especially in grade. The classic Cold War love comic Love Secrets # 32 Link to the inside anti-communist propaganda love tale with stunning artwork:
  12. eccomic

    Toronto ComiCON March 16-18. 2018

    I had fun...