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  1. Triumph # 15 unrestored with cream pages and no brittleness. Some cool in-house ads for Commando Comics and Dime Comics. Defects are large piece out of back cover and centerfold missing which is the beginning of the Tang Wonder Horse western story. A very rare and desirable book with an ICONIC COVER and Speed Savage dons new cool costume. $325.00 Shipped in the Continental USA and Canada. Trumps PMs
  2. Very rare Canadian White published in Quebec just acquired
  3. Purchased mine back in 2006 for the princely sum of $100.00
  4. See below link to completed Ebay auction for the Marvel Mystery Annual: Indicia states published in both USA and Canada. I used to own a copy of the MM Annual and the indicia was present as well. I am not sure if this is any indication or not?
  5. The pleasure is all mine Dan! It could not have gone to a better home!
  6. Some elusive EC giveaways and oddities....
  7. The interior is Scooter comics that was published by Rucker Publishing Circa 1948 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I believe FLASH was distributed in the UK. in spite of the fifteen cent cover price
  8. I am seeking a copy of Is This Tomorrow Australian Edition. PM me with details.
  9. But he states in his auction description: "The January Auction will consist of 2 sessions January 27th and 28th will last 10 days ending on February 6th and 7th. Featuring over 150 books, many from original owners, many high grade, and some really rare stuff. There is something here for just about every golden age collector as auction estimates range for $500 to over $100,000." Sounds to me like he "lifted" the verbiage from another auction....
  10. LOL Really?Seller also sold a basketball hoop under sold items