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  1. Uh Huh... good catch.... Zero feedback.. China
  2. I hope it is real and that a boardie was able to secure it for their collection...
  3. Really? Seller has ZERO feedback.
  4. Yeah but keep in mind that this is a satire magazine and notice the author of the letter from Poughkeepsie, NY named OSCAR HACKWRITER
  5. The Battle Heroes comic arrived to be united with my War Heroes book! 😀
  6. Foo. Vol 1 # 1 Canadian parody magazine that pre-dates both Mad and Cracked magazine from Sept 1951 with a really cool Anti-Communist cover.
  7. No unseen Triumph Comics # 32 as noted by historians and myself, also a historian. The Library and Archives Canada will also confirm there is NO Triumph # 32, as they have the entire run of Triumph Comics twice.
  8. I do know the issues missing from my run exist as follows: 1. Triumph-Adventure # 5 2. Triumph Comics # 10 3 Triumph Comics # 23 4. Triumph Comics # 30 I do have Triumph Comics # 22 I can CONFIRM the last issue is Triumph Comics # 31 unequivically. There were some later Triumph reprints with colour interiors, but not the homegrown Canadian Whites PS if anybody has any of the issues I am missing, please feel free to PM me... and YES I have seen the Triumph-Adventure Comics # 5 on Ebay in low grade with an asking price of $5,000 USD
  9. Triumph # 31 elusive last issue with the first appearance of Mr. Monster
  10. Now onto... TRIUMPH COMICS in chronological order from Triumph-Adventures Comics # 1
  11. The elusive and highly coveted Nelvana One-Shot compendium from 1945.
  12. Super Duper Comics # 3 from May 1947 featuring the FINAL appearance of Nelvana