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  1. eccomic

    Post Your Anti-Communist Comics!

    VERY RARE CATECHETICAL GUILD TRACT 64 page adorable digest and Anti-Communism tract , Asian Setting. Man in barbed wire prison cover 1952 from my collection Rife with Anti Communist sentiment The Catechetical Guild published such notorious Anti-Communist comics as BLOOD IS THE HARVEST, IF THE DEVIL WOULD TALK and IS THIS TOMORROW
  2. $45.00 Walmart book shelves I purchased like 15 yrs ago
  3. Mancave has blackout windows
  4. I can tell you right now that is the REPRINT from the 1979 Sparkle City Rare Book portfolio. Notice the fading in the title of your copy in the title words "IF THE and TALK.....This would not be the case with the original. I will bet the farm the dimensions are greater than 7" X 5" I know because I own the original black and white ashcan. Pictures of my copy below for reference. My copy has also been certified.
  5. eccomic

    Post Your Anti-Communist Comics!

    ENTIRE INTERIOR Unique black and white copy of This Is America just in. This is America by Joseph W. Musial (1952) was planned as a promotional giveaway by Edu-Graph Productions. Several copies have surfaced that were published in blue ink and a color version as well. This copy is in Black and White and the only one I am aware of. This is America tells the story of a young woman, Sonja, who escapes to America from a totalitarian state. Once in America, she is given a tour of Washington, D.C. and in the process, learns about the freedoms now available to her as an American. 12 pages, 7-in. x 10-in.
  6. Run of my Canadian Shadow Pulps from Vol 1 # 1. Page quality is magnificent with white pages
  7. I also had 17,18,19 and never got the # 20 and eventually sold the set
  9. A real rare Can pulp published in Toronto. One Shot
  10. eccomic

    Dark Mysteries # 19

    I also hit the BIN and it was gone..
  11. eccomic

    Dark Mysteries # 19

    Another steal BIN from a couple of weeks ago... a drop dead gorgeous copy of Flyin Jenny 2
  12. eccomic

    Dark Mysteries # 19

    Maybe I should take early retirement...LOL
  13. eccomic

    Dark Mysteries # 19

    I was ON my computer scrolling ebay BINS and MISSED IT