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  1. This cool VERY RARE giveaway comic that includes anti-Semitism panel and NEVER shows up. Supple off white pages.
  2. Here is another very rare promotional Anti-Communist giveaway comic on the top of may collectors lists.. Supple pages SOLD via PM
  3. I believe this one is a GERBER 8. Cover detached and cover is split about 90%. Supple pages. A very rare book by Bernard Bailey with GGA inside as well. See some of the interior pics. SOLD!
  4. Next up is a CLASSIC Anti-Communist Propaganda book Cover detached and spine split at bottom.... you NEVER see this book. Hands down one of the toughest Anti-Communist comics out there and I have included some interior pics
  5. First up.. this book needs NO introduction... Classic Cold War paranoia issue. It would benefit from a press. See some of the amazing pics of the interior as well. Supple creamy pages SOLD via PM
  6. THREAD CLOSED ALL BOOKS ARE UNRESTORED and COMPLETE! Shipping included to the Continental USA and Canada.
  7. Yeah he stated in the video that he has hoping to find one buyer for all the comics or he will send them down to an auction house.. What happened to submitting these "pedigree" gems to CGC. I am guessing it would be cost prohibitive, as he wants some quick cash for the construction plans for building next door. It would be very interesting to see how many MULTIPLES of his initial $10K investment he would like to get, sans the OSPGS he already recouped $2K for and not including the many thousands of lobby cards/posters...A shame he revealed is cards at the onset about how he only paid $1.00 per book. I suspect he is looking for SIX figures just for the comics alone.