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  1. Thanks for all the great feedback. I read them all. An amazing study by Pantodude. From what I've read, it looks like there's no hard market evidence for WP comics selling for significantly more. Maybe its there in part but, no one has crunched enough numbers yet ? I feel that if you're lucky enough to find something you really want with WP and the overall quality stacks up, then buy it. BUT don't pay tooooo much. I always keep an eye out for them. They're scarce in SA keys. Its also clear that the sale price of a WP comic is affected by a multitude of factors all converging on
  2. I think this subject may have been touched on many years ago. However, with the current trend of buying any key issue at any price, no matter what it is. I wonder if these new buyers consider the page quality when putting their money down. For example, I have seen CGC grade 6.5 to 7.5 for an Avengers #1 white pages, X-Men #4 white pages out there. Would I expect to pay a premium on these and how much more than say, o/w; ow; cr/ow equivalent ? Opinion seems to have been divided in the past. Comments appreciated, Colin
  3. I've just purchased a CGC Silver Age key. However, the cert number is not recognised and I'm unable to obtain the graders notes. Avengers #1 cgc 6.5 (number 0071105003) Can you help? Colin
  4. Can anyone advise on any good places to buy Silver Age graded comics. I know and have used, the usual places like, Comiclink, Comicconnect, Mycomicshop, Ebay, BUT are there others that may be under the radar ? I've even looked at Heritage which have some excellent items but, with a 20% buyers premium to pay, it just doesn't stack up. I'm trying to build some diversity into where I buy. If I can't find it here, go there and so on. I have found that Mycomicshop are generally overpriced on key issues. Too many consignment items, it seems. Comiclink is just a dogfight to win
  5. I have a Silver Age comic with a GGC holder that is scuffed and should be changed. It also has a QES label Would the QES certification be invalidated if I got the comic reholdered ?
  6. I returned to comic collecting 18 months ago. I started by collecting some slabbed Silver Age comics, an age which has always been dear to me. However, I find I can no longer compete with the crazy bids that are now being placed in auctions like Last month, Jan 2021, I annoyingly missed out on an X-Men #4 cgc 7.0 due to computer lag on my laptop. Think it went for $2500, thats up $600 from Dec 2020. Ok I thought, thats life, I'll try again next time. To my horror, the current bid in the Comiclink February auction for the same comic is a staggering $3710 !! (The auction sti
  7. I suppose we have all noticed that buying and selling comics has changed forever. Since May 2020 we have never seen comics rocket in price to such stratospheric levels. Its not just vintage keys and the like, demand for anything new has seen comics like Starwars High Republic variants sell out within 1hr of going online.. This time last year we lived in a steady reliable comic market. A time to remember. Now its panic buying and selling at the highest prices in history. Auctions are still revealing even further growth such as 30% since December 2020. Thats just in 2 months !? This is on t
  8. Thank you for all the discussion content (Yep, I've read them all). Much appreciated. It seems there far more market forces at work here than just Stimulus money. It looks to have played only a small part in the overall picture, if any Covid has definitely changed the way alot of collectors go about buy comics. Internet browesing and buying has increased across all kinds markets across the world. A shift in our normal habits, I think. Colin
  9. Will the new stimulus payout add another nail in the coffin of the vintage comic collector? The last stimulus hand out saw prices rocket on key issues taking them beyond the budgets of many serious collectors. What will happen this time ? We saw ASM#300 skyrocket in just a few weeks last time. Now with $2000 to spend the pressure on the vintage comic market will surley rise and push prices to even more unsustainable and unaffordable levels. Your thoughts would be both enlightening and appreciated. Colin
  10. Please flood the market with them so the graded issue price comes down and I can finally afford to buy one ??
  11. I am a fan of this exciting artist. I looked through my 2019-2020 comics and I find there are many Dell Otto issues there. I find he's been doing a lot of dark/moody covers (eg. Spiderman, Venom, Silver Surfer). I would love to see what happens if he decides to lighten it up a bit in the near future. I'm sure it would be incredible.
  12. Hi can anyone tell me what is the recognised first full appearance of Spiderman in a black costume. ASM #252 or Secret Wars #8 ?
  13. I put my question about the unexplained hike in ASM #300 prices on the Modern Age section by mistake. (ref. ASM#300 Hype) Anyway, someone put me right and I can see there's alot of people as mystified as I am about it on the Copper Age forum. Someone falls in love with the cover (and it is good) plus the 1st Venom angle and throws silly money at it and it suddenly trends up to a rediculous price like $3400. For a moment I thought Todd MacFarlane had died or something ?? I don't own a copy, but wouldn't bother until common sense comes back into fashion. Can anyone claim to u
  14. Would love to hear anyone's opinions about the current crazy price rise in ASM #300. Yes its a key modern issue which, could have been bought just a few months ago for $2000 for a 9.8. There are over a 1000 of them out there, 9.6's over 3000, 9.4's over 3500. With a 9.8 historically being the one to own, its $2000 price has prevailed for sometime and one which, I considered to be a good reflection of its true value. The price has just gone through the roof. Yes, a second Venom movie is arriving but probably won't be released for many, many months under Covid-19 restrictions. Can this be t
  15. The comic looks in fine condition overall. Can't see any adverse defects or marks on the cover, but the back has a few small faint stains/grubbiness near the top possibly due to some previous foxing ? Otherwise a tidy sharp cornered and edged copy. I did obtain the grading notes and they were silent on the "flatness" of the comic. The waviness isn't excessive but noticeable. I'm going on the Overstreet grading guide book which says, an 8.5 should be "nearly flat". I'm not sure what that looks like in reality, but I assume it doesn't mean wavy ? Anyway, I've attached some picks.