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  1. Curious which dealers will be in attendance, if an updated list could please be made available.
  2. A comic book restoration guy from back in the day who was eventually vilified for monkeying with books and not disclosing his work because he didn’t consider it to be “restoration.” At one point his reputation became so egregious, he left ebay and then returned selling slabbed comics only. He has had numerous AKA’s on eBay, you can probably guess why. He marketed the Rockford collection. His progeny, at least some of them, are ebay sellers who also manipulate books (e.g., the infamous reverse spine roll technique). Now he works for Heritage as part of their staff, you can see his picture in their catalogs. Go figure.
  3. Hmm, what can the appeal be? Maybe it’s his groovy swim shorts or the phallic lighthouse in the background?
  4. Crackajack Funnies 32 is such a terrific and a tough book, cover by Frank Thomas (who also did The Eye for Centaur).
  5. I’ve really come to appreciate HOF 14 over time, the cover captivates me. But then I agree there are a handful of other EC covers that surpass it for iconic status.
  6. Slowing down a bit William, that took a whopping 0.27 seconds!
  7. With all due respect to CSS 22, I personally prefer SS 6 (along with VOH 35) so glad to see the gap narrowing.
  8. Here’s my MF 45, not so hot but it does have nice colors and pages. MF 48 has managed to elude me (never owned one).
  9. Two gems right there. I know there are 2.5x more MF 48’s in the Census than MF 45’s, but based on my personal experience I think they’re almost equally tough.