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  1. I can help - ‘First Night Off Duty’ text story s/b 2 pages. ‘The Circus and Sue’ story follows and is 5 pages. So it appears that someone removed three (6 count) pages, your missing second page of ‘First Night Off Duty’ text has the first page of ‘The Circus and Sue’ story on its reverse side. You have 46 pages, so with three pages missing (that equals 6 page count front-and-back) = 52 pages.
  2. Rick, how is the Centaur market doing overall since you sold your collection? While A-Man 22 and 26 continue to soar, what are some other specific issues that continue to show strong demand?
  3. Nicely done, and glad to hear mention of Adventure 40 - I obtained my copy (nbc) from you!
  4. Nice books! See that you’re in Roseville, do you happen to know the fine folk at A-1 Comics?
  5. IIRC, the Larson copy was bought by the Walmart guy who proceeded to display it around the country thus causing cover fading. I have never seen the book, so can’t judge.
  6. Great post Jeff, those old fanzines are so cool. They can be really fun! I have this issue of Destiny, published by Jim Bradley and Malcolm Willits (a name some of you may recognize).
  7. My Marvel Mystery 16 has the same distributor marking as those two books, but with staple holes:
  8. I’ve spoken about the grease pencil ‘S’ books with other collectors, apparently they were broken up long ago and there is no recorded collection history that I know of. I own a few, nice copies in the 8.0 range.
  9. First Moldoff Hawkman, I’ve always like the interiors on this book.