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  1. Harsh - this is a beautiful book!
  2. Good job by CGC on this one (book looks better but the technical grade is accurate). I remember hunting for this issue, it reprints the first Tarzan Sunday page:
  3. To my knowledge, the Church copy is MIA on this issue - I'm quite happy with this white-pager!
  4. Arnold, thanks for filling-in! Do you have any input to give on issues 65 and/or 66?
  5. With my copy now at CGC, I'm reminded that Top-Notch 22 is a rare book (just one copy currently on the census and I believe it's the Church) that has the first appearance of Archie in a full-page ad. Anyone here have a copy?
  6. I just had an attack of Larsonitis!
  7. As a long-time collector, it's really interesting to look back and see which under-the-radar books have greatly risen in demand/value. Pep/Zip is a very good example. Look at the rocket growth of Baker/St. John romance books (and select others) in recent times. The later Fox books are another category which have just exploded. Negro titles are something that have recently intrigued me, but I can't judge if they're under-the-radar or not as they generally are acknowledged as scarce and are pricey. I really can't offer a solid opinion on the OP's question - as trite as it sounds, I've always collected what I like whether the books are popular or not. The hobby is so diverse, there is something for everyone!
  8. One of the best 1-10 runs in all of GA, IMHO!
  9. Congrat's on having a copy - this is a tough book, in my experience. The 9.4 Church recently sold for a whopping $31`k, though I don't think that is a fair barometer for other copies as that was part of an auction run. Still, a reflection of early Peps definitely heating up, I believe.
  10. Can't go wrong with a San Fran - this book was my first ever MLJ purchase back in the day:
  11. I had this pegged as one of the higher grade raw books in my collection, but CGC disagreed because of "finger bends" (huh?). One of my favorite MLJ's!
  12. I'm a notorious 'early' GA guy, but couldn't resist this one:
  13. I emailed Bob Birdwell, one of the members (1964) of Peter Wheat & the Breadmen, and rec'd this reply from him: Hi, Steve. I'll link you to a site that explains how the name was derived. In the SF Bay Area there was a Peter Wheat Bread Factory, (in Castro Valley). It was owned by a man named Friedrich, and we used his old 1913 Breadtruck as a prop for our publicity photo, (I'll attach a copy of that photo). I never knew there were comic books until I started Googling the band in hopes of gathering up old photos, etc. Back in the day, it was not something any of us ever thought about. Who knew people would still be interested in a band from 50 years ago! I also never heard that Walt Kelly illustrated any of them until your email. Good luck, and ask me anything.Bob