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  1. I met him long ago at SDCC and purchased a few OA strips from him, Truly one of the underrated greats of the Golden Age.
  2. Gorgeous Andy, just gorgeous!!
  3. To me, MF 52 - 56 are one of the most iconic mini-runs in comics. My MF 54 and MF 55 are two of the most cherished books in my collection. I used to own the Church copy of MF 56, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a replacement (even restored would be fine) after all these years.
  4. No need, you’ve already gone down the rabbit hole.
  5. Jay, I’ve had the Jungle 15 for such a long time I just can’t recall where it came from. Cant really see it in the photo, but “Larson” is erased on her upper right leg. Yes, the colors are even more amazing in person!
  6. Love me some Astounding, especially the early issues - wish I had more! My first Lovecraft short story was Dagon, so it’s near and dear. Lovecraft is my favorite author, his work is not just horror, it’s literature.
  7. I’ve heard that ComicCav has been mentoring him.
  8. True - in my defense, I already had the issues that the seller listed as the interiors, and I’m certainly not going to pay big bucks for the Comedy Carnival cover!