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  1. Cool D ick Ryan holiday cover.
  2. +1
  3. I really like this one, so much so that I accepted a slight resto copy from a seller (something I normally wouldn't consider on a Baker). Great copy, Tony.
  4. Thanks Tony - how does GS 10-14 rank as far as current FMV's (i.e., most expensive to least expensive for the five issues)?
  5. I picked up a four nice mid-grade, non-Baker books (my first ones) at WonderCon and ended up enjoying them more than I had imagined (Baker interior stories). Their $50 price tags seemed quite reasonable to me.
  6. Agreed - just endured yet another slowdown, this login was a last attempt after repeated failures. Hopefully this issue can be resolved sooner rather than later.
  7. Spectacular book - is that a pedigree?
  8. Going Steady seems to be one of the scarcest titles, I've seen a handful of 10's but no 11 through 13. Poor distribution?
  9. Agreed - 5.0. Oh,
  10. Veronica Lake sultriness.
  11. Three mid-grades recently added to the collection, happy to have them.
  12. Nice one - for some reason I don't see this issue nearly as often as those around it (missing it, too).
  13. Agreed - Overstreet lists just the 42 as scarce, but the rest (e.g., Funny Pages 40) are just as tough. I got my raw copy from a Big Fish dealer in NYCC, and of course I later found out that it had undisclosed restoration (what else is new).