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  1. I think the symbolism of the white horse (goodness) ties in with Arya’s shift away from being a cold-blooded assassin and back to being a noble Stark. She is horrified by the devastation of Drogon’s attack, she frantically tries to help people, and when she mounts the white horse her life’s path has now been changed (becoming an explorer/adventure and sailing to parts unknown in the finale). Whether she stays that way or not, I guess we have to wait for the spin-off/books to find out...
  2. As Grey Worm said, the Unsullied wanted justice - if Jon had been pardoned, they (and the Dothraki) likely would have rebelled resulting in more death and chaos. To avoid that and to keep the peace, Jon was exiled and it was mentioned that Grey Worm acquiesced.
  3. Interesting to see the same actor portraying Robin Arryn, the misfit child grown up as a lord who sits on the council.
  4. He began as an outcast and ended up as an outcast. Similar to Jamie and Cersei, they came into the world together and they went out together.
  5. Yes, the public demands it! Besides, Newton Rings will only enhance the appearance of these rare beauties!
  6. Spirit sections are very cool, nice pick-up there. Not particularly rare at all, so enjoy it for what it is.
  7. CBM 3 is a toughie, first color cover. CBM 4 (Centaur cover) had a large print run since it was the debut issue of the magazine at SDCC (1991 Special Edition).
  8. I’m unhappy with the amount of taxes I have to pay. Let’s start a social media trend to have money grow on trees. After all, that’s why banks have branches, right? #moneygrowontreesplease
  9. Verily, like that is ever going to happen. A plethora of things can factor into a series such as production schedule, budget, talent interest and availability, etc. If anything, modern society’s burst of social media goes to show just how clueless so many people are.
  10. It seems that NR in the center of the holder are common, which is a bit disheartening since that makes them the focus of the eyes. I am disappointed with CGC’s customer service response that NR are “normal and acceptable”. Really?
  11. Finally, this is a white paged beauty but alas with a detached CF so...
  12. Hi Jay, it’s an older book I finally decided to slab - got it from Payette decades ago. Also Planet 16 and 24 and 27...