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  1. sacentaur

    Baker Romance

    An amazing run to complete, heroic indeed Mr. T. Big, BIG time congratulations!!!
  2. sacentaur

    Baker Romance

    Amazing trio of books! All three are top tier Bakers IMHO, and I’ve always had a soft spot for WTR 2 (I have the 8.0).
  3. Spectacular cover and book...
  4. sacentaur

    John Richard Flanagan

    Interesting that the top three graded copies of Adventure 38 are either resorted or qualified, with the best blue label coming in at 7.5. I own the 9.4 copy, the book is freakin’ unreal (looks brand new), alas the cover has been cleaned so it got a purple label. One can really appreciate the depth of Flanagan’s talent looking at these superb covers...
  5. It may not be “fingerprints” but “finger bends”. I had a gorgeous raw 9.2 GA book that CGC downgraded to an 8.0 due to finger bends. I presume they can press out, but don’t know for sure.
  6. Yup, PL 4 is a notorious boom for fading (even the Central Valley pedigree copy is faded). Great book, great pickup!
  7. sacentaur

    Ranking the genres

    Pre-hero (e.g, pre-Batman Detective, early More Fun, pre-Sandman Adventure, Centaurs/Chester’s, etc.). African-American theme (e.g., Negro Heroes). Giveaways
  8. sacentaur

    PGM Avengers 4

    Nice 4.5
  9. sacentaur

    Nice raw Gold

    I’ll take it @ 15% off.
  10. sacentaur

    Nice raw Gold

    +1, we often don’t see GA raws as pretty as these.
  11. sacentaur

    Baker Romance

    I finally scored a sweet copy of DS 15 (from Harley) at CalComicCon this past weekend, along with lower grade copies of Pictorial Confessions 1 (I like this particular issue) and The Texan 7 from our very own cmcfan (Jeff). There were quite a few low-grade Bakers to be had, but the prices were just too darn high. I am still seeing price resistance for these lower condition books. I am perfectly happy with nicely presenting 3.0 copies, but not when they’re stickered to the moon! Always great to see a handful of fellow Baker Boardies at the Con...
  12. sacentaur

    National Comics collecting thread

    Wonderful run, Jeff...
  13. sacentaur

    California Comic Convention 2019 ( CalComicCon)

    Another funtastic show, many thanks to Terry and the various dealers who setup. Seeing all the Boardies in attendance is always a treat. I’d love to see an expansion to a two-day show, but I suspect that Terry doesn’t want the hassle. The place was packed, and the selection of books across all genres was quite good. Bakers and notable romance remain strong. EC’s are on the upswing. Esoteric Golden Age continues with high demand. Bill Everett covers still are hot. I didn’t get a chance to check out any Silver Age, so no opinion there. Made my best purchases from Harley, Brian Peets (A-1 Comics), Jeff (cmcfan), and Ted (Superworld). A few cool private transactions too, of course. This being my 40th year in the hobby, I really appreciate sellers who consistently take good care of me. i did not know that CGC no longer accepts the usual forms, everything has to be entered online now. Too much of a hassle for a compact show like this, so I skipped making any submissions. Still a long line, so business as usual I suppose. As Bumble Kitty mentions above, ate dinner at Polly’s (no waiting) and enjoyed the meal and a slice of pie.