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  1. I’ve heard that the pushing and shoving in the elevator resembled an episode of Jerry Springer...
  2. Whoa, great minds think alike Jack (I have two copies also).
  3. Jimmers, that’s a really nice looking 4.5! For some reason this particular issue is prone to spine splits, even the Church copy.
  4. Unfortunately no, I even had a miniature metal Japanese fleet that has been lost to time. Ha!
  5. Along with early Weird Tales, the Amazing Stories bedsheets are my favorite pulps - wish I could find more with nice paper! Author Fletcher Pratt (the cover story here) also created a popular set of rules for naval wargame miniatures, I actually played (on the floor) them when I was a teenager.
  6. It’s great to see these A-Man 7’s, it always has been a Top Ten book for me. The 9.4 that tops the Census is the Larson copy, FYI.
  7. Yes, a great group shot by, 7 for 7.
  8. Rec’d Bookery’s new Pulp Price Guide today, very pleased with the production plus it’s crammed full of interesting information. Quickly scanned a few titles, listed prices seem low to me but then I only purchase a few titles and besides it’s only a guide.
  9. No idea if other dupes, I was very surprised to hear you had an AMF 2/5 Moe dupe. When I spoke to Music I still had the ad and he was asking prices that were, at the time, marked up significantly so I didn’t get any more. IIRC there were less than 100 Moe books, wish I had saved that ad!
  10. I was the first caller to get through on that ad, I do remember the phone ringing and ringing until a guy finally picked up and said he had just returned to the office. Didn’t know the seller so I bought only 10 of the books, including FP 4/1 and AMF 2/5. When I finally got the package and saw how nice the books were, I called J&S back but was informed they were all gone (I guess you, Berk, and Michael Music cleaned them out). Those were the days...