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  1. I'm finally back online! Sorry to hear about your kitchen mishap @HollyJollyOne. Glad everything is ok. Thanks for finishing up the raffle when I had to bail. I really enjoy my time on the boards and I was happy to help out as a small way to give back. Honestly, my "help" was pretty much limited to the 5 hours I spent doing this thread yesterday. @HolidayHam and @HollyJollyOne did the lion's share of the work for the month+ leading up to it. The reminder posts, thread updates, and submission forms was all them. Thanks to you guys for keeping this fun tradition alive! And thanks to everyone (even @greggy) who stopped by and participated in the thread yesterday. It really flew by and I had a lot of fun. I hope to see you all at next year's raffle!
  2. Unfortunately I won't be able to finish this one out all the way to the end. I'll leave you in the capable hands of @HollyJollyOne Just a recap, @Arak Zantara and @worldsbestcomics are currently skipped and could come back at any time. No forms were submitted. It's been fun! I'll check in later tonight if there are any issues. Thanks guys!
  3. @HaupiaCheck out the spoilertag. Anything without a line through it is available.
  4. @comicparadox picks Prize #2 donated by @aszumilo
  5. @Haupia You're up. On Deck: @Blastaar @aszumilo
  6. Amazingly, @Cocomonkey (via form) gets his #2 overall pick even at #59 in the order. He gets prize #22 donated by @Blastaar It just goes to show, it's not all about being drawn first.
  7. Currently picking: @Cocomonkey On Deck: @Haupia @Blastaar @aszumilo
  8. @143ksk Gets his 13th pick with Prize 43 donated by @Stoy77 @Cocomonkey You're up!
  9. You've got a few people in front of you, but I appreciate the enthusiasm!
  10. @AlexH Picks prize 57 donated by @Turtle (including the $25 gift card for getting picked 2nd) @143ksk You're up! ON Deck: @Cocomonkey @Haupia @Blastaar @aszumilo
  11. @Bird Picks prize 64 donated by @Zalgardos Currently Picking: @AlexH On Deck: @143ksk @Cocomonkey @Haupia