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  1. ridgemont high, for the benefit of those pondering jeff's credentials. lets be honest. it is a dumb scenario, right out of jeff's brain.
  2. i say let the dude from rallyrd. sell it and that will determine the value. he is awesome.
  3. i emailed my dude warren about the awesome investment opportunity the dude is, like, saying the stuff he is gonna do, which i think is really awesome, with neat cars and stuff like that, which is cool. and the dude knows computer typing art things, and only needs 17 mil, so i told warren to help this awesome dude out, man. it is, yeah, well, like the ground basement floor, starting, and all.
  4. yeah, that was, like, an awesome read about the dude, just awesome. so, like, he needs another 17 mil man, to like make the place really awesome, with all this radical market stuff going on, and like fine art is ok, but car stuff is rad, too and my fellow dudes want in on the car rally sales and investment stuff. the dude has impressive management computer stuff experience, just awesome.
  5. somehow, i think the concept of "profits" has left the room.
  6. are you "invested"? you are giving a recommendation....and an endorsement, really. did you "invest" $60,000.00 that allowed you to buy a jet? or, did you "invest" in a tesla they were offering? or, have you already "invested" in a comic with this "investment" company? if so, did you make 16-185 on your "investment'? if so, over what period of time? how are you aware of who made what %? is this "investment" opportunity strictly regulated? a couple of write ups and " a pretty impressive management team" does not make a company a good investment. ponzi schemes alway
  7. not the whole tesla blahblah thing again. what has it been, 3 - 4years of this? considering your constant endorsement of tesla, even at the time the wheels were falling off, the doors were falling off, the batteries were catching fire, the cars were being assembled without windshields, and in 1 case a steering wheel, you have stuck by them. loyalty counts, and assuming you are a man of convictions and also knows a good selling thing and business opportunity when he sees it, how do you like your nice private jets? i am sure you bought more than 1. any pictures?
  8. that is the only reason for no confidence? if the borrow clause is removed, would it be an acceptable fonzi ponzi investment?
  9. tulip farm management. the grail book of oh no business. it will make billions, jerry. billions.
  10. i recall you are a product of the lovely italian catholic people. as an italian marianist, one must remember that the the 16th century popes gave the jesuits the privilege to absolve heresy in italy. now, that is ok crazie giving the ok to the crazies. add to that the whole jesuit conjuring in the ottoman empire thing, and we are 3 for 3. if the marianists were of sound mind and body they would have kicked the jesuits out of italy in the 16th century. but nope, they decided we all needed a black pope. beat that.