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  1. yeah, I am. I reached out to them to see if they could facilitate CGC, but he's never worked with them before. May just have to get the sig and send to those other guys
  2. I've got a couple of these out now for Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd signatures. Hopefully will be able to get Peter Cullen at some point.
  3. In the same boat. Mine was submitted back on Dec 14th. Still waiting in received.
  4. How can we get more info on the submission page other than "received" when items have been sent in. If we are submitting multiple comics in package, it would be helpful to know what books are associated with each order number, especially when that info is on the digital order sheet we fill out to send books in. For instance, I sent in 4 different books for three different signings in the same delivery to CGC. It would be nice to see what books we submitted under each order number on the site. I'm trying to track down a book now that should have been a part of the Claremont signing that's only
  5. Anyone having trouble with the submission tracking tool today and it not showing your submitted items. I logged in to see my items that had recently shipped and its not showing anything on the page for me. I'm sure it's just an error becasue it showed all the items last week, but figured I'd ask.
  6. No its not. he said that he actually did it at a lower temp because the cover had a more cardboard/glossy texture. he did offer to compensate or purchase the book from me, but I do still want to keep it. I wanted to take a day to think on it all.
  7. I recently submitted a book for pressing and because of the heat and the texture of the pages, the interior of the book was damaged. What sucks is that it was actually slabbed already at a 9.2 and I was trying to have some of the notes addressed. How many points do they take off for interior damage generally? Everything else is crisp
  8. I sent out one of my books to be pressed and it ended up damaging the pages inside. Something about the material of the pages and the heat made them all stick together. The guy knows what he's doing and had some of my other books and all came out fine as well as other work he's done in the past. I'm still mad because I spent a lot on the book and its pretty rare...and it was actually already slabbed but I was trying to address some of the notes and going to resubmit for a higher score. I'm so disappointed right now.
  9. still waiting on my books. they shipped by horse and buggy apparently aka USPS Registered on the 16th. looks like they'll arrive this week finally. next time I'll just use Fedex.