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  1. I would imagine prices on most of the popular ones come down if there is a flood in the market of people trying to sell them. Hopefully that’s not the case and people are adding these to their personal collection for a while. For me, it just seems more fun to find my own raw copy, send it in, wait for the results, etc than to just buy it on eBay. If your only concern is absolute minimum cost I get it but for me it’s about the fun of the hunt and submitting, it almost feels like rolling the dice a bit.
  2. I was thinking this too. I have a Hulk 340 I was thinking about sending in, but its probably no higher than a 9.0 at best, and I know values will plummet once people start getting their books back from CGC in the short term. I’m actually now leaning towards finding a cleaner copy this weekend, or skipping the signing and checking ebay in a few months. So hard to decide though, the submitting and waiting for a grade is all part of the fun and I’m not really looking to sell anytime soon.
  3. I have a free account so no account number. On the form should I just write “free account” in the account number field?
  4. I agree its better that they don’t verify unwitnessed signatures. The autograph market in general and outside of comics is flooded with fakes and this helps ensure that a CGC sig can be 100% trusted. Its really the only fool proof way. I guess I just find it odd that I feel like I would be happier if I had gotten such a good deal on a non autographed copy of the book rather than the one signed by Pichelli. I love and respect her art, but the truth is I would have pressed and graded the book and now I likely never will. Its cool though, I will get a slab of one eventually and keep my raw copies. I don’t really focus on value and sales but I think it is one of the better modern comics to “invest” in.
  5. Thanks. Unfortunately this is a book I probably would have pressed and sent to CGC but I won’t because of the sig. I still love it and am happy to add to my collection.
  6. I’m glad to hear it usually doesn’t hurt. If I had my preference, I would have gotten the book with no signature since there is no CofA, but it’s super cool for my collection nonetheless.
  7. I got a nice deal today at a local show on two raw copies of Ultimate Fallout 4 first prints. One is signed by Sara Pichelli. What is the general view on what a non-authenticated signature like this does to the value of a comic? I know CGC will not verify it and CBCS will, but does the signature hurt or help the value of a raw copy at all? Generally speaking of course, as I understand that every book has its own unique circumstances. For the record, this is staying in my collection for a long time, but I do like to pay attention to book values, the market, etc. Its all part of the fun!
  8. Made this score today at a toy/comic show in the area on a deal too good to pass up. The one on the right does have a nasty little spine tick just below the upper left staple, but is otherwise very nice. The one on the left is in great condition, maybe even a 9.8 candidate with a press because of the dreaded poly bag indent on back. It has been signed by Sara Pichelli with no CoA, so I’m not quite sure what that might do to the resell value if I ever decide to part ways with it. I have mixed feelings about CBCS authenticating signatures without witnessing them. Anyway, for now they are probably going to stay in the collection because as far as modern characters go, Miles might be the best long term investment there is, and more importantly, it’s just a beautiful book.
  9. I picked up the An0maly variant, I love the cover and really enjoyed issue 1. If it arrives in great shape I may slab it.
  10. I have noticed this a lot with Tomb of Dracula 25. Lots of sales of the 1994 reprint, which has a Stridex ad on the back, with no mention of it in the title or description.
  11. Agreed. I’m hoping to find a better copy at a few local comic shows this month to submit for the McFarlane signing.
  12. I know its a bit tough to see, but any chance a press helps that little crease/mark in the top right corner?
  13. Update: Brought to my LCS and submitted for my first time ever. Getting a press, trying not to have major expectations, and even though its a modern I’ll be happy with anything over a 9.0. Shop owner also informed me that the little mark on the red tab on the back is very frequently on this book, so that made me feel a bit better about that.
  14. Going to grade this one. Happy to join the club 🤘🏼
  15. Beautiful copy, thought it had a chance at 9.8 but it does have those 2 small spots on the bottom of the back cover, which I tried to capture. The one on the red “new from” tab on the back is pretty visible but small, and there is another a few inches to the right. I’m thinking 9.4-9.6. I have noticed this has a beautiful wraparound and this book often doesn’t, excited to make it my first CGC submission.