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  1. I will definitely press, it has the back cover crease from the poly bag but I do think it will press out.
  2. I would pretty much be thrilled if it came back a 9.4. Hoping to send it in soon, at this point its worth grading regardless of being a bit flawed.
  3. I think I agree and I’ll probably leave this one raw.
  4. Sorry for the newb question, I couldn’t find the answer on the forums. If I want to send multiple books to CGC but only want some of them pressed, can I include them in the same shipment with books I don’t want pressed?
  5. That’s what I’m thinking. Hoping to maybe squeak out a 9 with a clean and press.
  6. For the sake of simplicity, I’m just going to post a pic of the 1 major defect I can spot on this book, a nasty spine crease just under the Marvel logo. The rest of the book looks as sharp as a 9.6+. How much do you think this will lower it?
  7. I’m going to say 6-6.5 but might see significant improvement with a good press.
  8. To me looks like some spine ticks in the middle area and a tiny color breaking crease in the top right corner, not sure what this book might pull with a press.
  9. I really can’t speak highly enough about their response to mine so its hard to complain. That one is rough though!
  10. I get it. I got the two copies of Ultimate Fallout 4 on a ridiculously low price at a comic show last summer and I do wish the cleaner book wasn’t signed for grading purposes, but still a great purchase and probably my best “score” ever.
  11. Qualified meaning green label? I have heard I can request a blue label and the autograph will just lower the grade but i think I would prefer the higher grade with a green label. At the very least it would be unique, I haven’t seen any green labels of the book on eBay.
  12. Thanks. I may leave it raw if that’s the case. I have another really clean copy but it’s autographed by Sara Pichelli. I might still send it in and just take the green label.
  13. I don’t need a grade for the whole book, but just curious how much you think that nasty spine tick on the upper left might lower the grade on its own? And would a press help this at all?
  14. CGC got back to me the next day and are going to re-slab at no cost to me. They handled it absolutely great and very quickly. I am sending it out today.
  15. Thank you for this. I reached out to CGC through their “contact us” function on the site but if I don’t get a response for some reason, I will use the email address in the thread. It is nice to know that this issue has popped up before and they take care of it. I know I’m being a tad picky but we are collectors after all...that hair being there will slowly drive me mad. Thanks again!