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  1. I will take Dark Horse Presents 1 + Concrete A New Life Book 2 NM $10 and Detective 608 Nm +Anarky 8
  2. Do all of the scanners listed in the recommended for cgc books compilation have scanning beds large enough to fit the whole cgc case or is the some mending software needed?
  3. About 8 years ago some guy was listing DC War Books in stacks of like twenty books each. So I missed out on the Our Army Lot but threw down on the Our Fighting Forces and G.I. Combats. There was definitely chatter on these boards saying whoever paid I think it was $350 for the GI Combats was a fool. There was no 87 or 88 in the lot but the copies from that era all came back above 8.0. Probably $1800+ worth of stuff. The Our Fighting Forces were sweet as well. Regrets on the Our Army at Wars.