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  1. I'm glad to hear that people where you are are being so careful, even if it might be excessive. In beautiful Bedford-Stuyvesant that degree of caution has yet to set in, though I do see more people being careful than I did a week ago.
  2. I live in NYC and it's ridiculous how many people are out just walking around, hanging out with others in public, acting like nothing's going on.
  3. I'm wondering if there's any resource where I could look at how a particular issue's worth has changed over time, like what it was worth in 1980, 1985, 1990, etc. Does something like that exist, or would I be better off hunting down old price guides?
  4. Two of the daily drawings that Farel Dalrymple sells through his Patreon, "Marshling" was a request for a Swamp Thing-like creature and the axe cat was one he already had planned.
  5. Oh you mean like what an auction house might do?
  6. What is it that makes this page more expensive than some others that sell 4-6k?
  7. This is the one I was watching that really surprised me ($9600 all in), I thought Sin City pages usually sold for significantly less.
  8. Chapter 2, pages 1 & 2 from Matt Lesniewski's The Freak:
  9. Ant-Man #1 pg16 by Dylan Burnett sold $250 a few weeks ago on Inky Knuckles: Now available on caf for "will always hear an offer":
  10. Aren't there a lot of buyers in China these days? Could be a solid sales strategy
  11. I love the two-pronged marshmallow roaster
  12. The Dreaded Franken-Ape! By Eric Powell from his website, a drawing done on the Drink and Draw Podcast