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  1. UNPUBLISHED Frankenstein Ape-Creature by Eric Powell, drawn during the Drink n' Draw podcast
  2. PUBLISHED Spawn #290 pg. 19 by Jason Shawn Alexander
  3. PUBLISHED Ant-Man #1 pg. 20 by Dylan Burnett
  4. That's pretty much what I've been doing, it's actually been really fun to look through newer artists, I've found some I really love
  5. I'm one of the newer collectors who aspire to "move up," but my sense is that the market is so inflated by speculation, shilling, etc. that I would absolutely never pay anything even close to current prices for more expensive items. My pride wouldn't let me feel that ripped off, for one thing.
  6. Is there something wrong with warning others, though?
  7. I got a sweet Swamp Thing from JB's patreon
  8. One thing I've wondered about is whether or not the original art for those Chick Tracts is something people collect- would there even be a market for that? Part of me thinks they could be highly sought after, and part of me thinks they would be worth very little. Anyone ever heard anything?
  9. That's also 200 requests, not 200 people. Who knows how many of those were the same people making multiple requests for pages
  10. For some reason, seeing the word "rare" in the selling description is a minor turn off for me. Like of course it's rare, there's only one. It makes me mildly distrustful.
  11. Thank you! It's called "All The Past We Leave Behind"
  12. I would choose the Spidey panel page, personally, I get the most enjoyment from it of the three
  13. I'm a photographer and working on what will hopefully be my first book, these are a few of the pictures
  14. I'm 38 and new to the hobby, might be a little older than you're looking for but hi!