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  1. That's also 200 requests, not 200 people. Who knows how many of those were the same people making multiple requests for pages
  2. For some reason, seeing the word "rare" in the selling description is a minor turn off for me. Like of course it's rare, there's only one. It makes me mildly distrustful.
  3. Thank you! It's called "All The Past We Leave Behind"
  4. I would choose the Spidey panel page, personally, I get the most enjoyment from it of the three
  5. I'm a photographer and working on what will hopefully be my first book, these are a few of the pictures
  6. I'm 38 and new to the hobby, might be a little older than you're looking for but hi!
  7. I got this as a commission from Jeremy Bastian's Patreon, turns out he loves Swamp Thing!
  8. I am insanely jealous, those are beautiful!
  9. I think, hypothetically, a dealer could accept an all-cash transaction and report it as having sold for whatever they want to say it sold for, or even not report the sale at all. This is of course purely in the realm of the theoretical and not something anyone would dream of actually doing.
  10. Is the artist making it clear in the general selling of the cover that it isn't actually the original cover art, or is he marketing it purely as the "original cover art?" The latter seems kind of fraudulent imo
  11. I paid $70 for this Red Tornado page a few months ago, drawn by Jose Luis & J.P. Mayer. I just think it's a fun page (even if it was creased during shipping).
  12. I mostly read digitally on a tablet, but some titles I've been enjoying lately are more recent ASM and the rebirth Nightwing, both of which I recommend. I also enjoyed Red Hood and the Outlaws up until issue 18 or 19, but after that I thought it kind of fell apart.
  13. This Murphy Anderson DC Comics Presents page feat. Superman, sold less than a month ago on HA for $444: Now Available on ebay for a mere $999:|parentrq%3Afadb09eb1710abc2f2a32e6fffa5a3ea|iid%3A1