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  1. It’s been a while since I got a commission in but the drought has finally been broken with this 12” x 14” Baroness watercolor piece by Ron Randall:
  2. I got in a 1993 G.I. Joe #139 Page 1 that I acquired from Bechara at Nostalgic Investments (thanks for the generous payment terms!). This is my first page 1 in my collection and hopefully not my last. It’s a great action splash and it includes an awesome hooded Cobra Commander and a great Zarana. There is a third generic character as well and while I would have loved another name Cobra member (the Baroness) or even a Cobra trooper but this is an extraordinary page to have as a first page 1 (in my humble opinion).
  3. This is indeed sad news. I enjoy his art style very much.
  4. I got in a 7” x 10” Baroness/Vega commission by Brad Guigar:
  5. I got in my next 11” x 17” Baroness/Vega cover homage from Artboy99. This time it is an homage to Iron Fist #10: And the original:
  6. The Hulk with the spiky shoulder is World War Hulk, I believe. I don’t know the other Hulk...
  7. Great work, B-Cart! And congratulations to all the winners as well as the participants!
  8. My commission themes are The Baroness from Cobra (of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero fame) and Vega (from Capcom’s Streetfighter II video game).
  9. I got in an 11” x 17” Baroness commission by Billy Tucci:
  10. Yup, this year was more difficult to narrow down my unpublished entries as I now had a full year of collecting commissions. It was very difficult!
  11. Published: 1991 Doctor Strange #31 Page 30 by Larry Alexander (penciller) and Tony DeZuniga (inker)