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  1. The Hulk with the spiky shoulder is World War Hulk, I believe. I don’t know the other Hulk...
  2. Great work, B-Cart! And congratulations to all the winners as well as the participants!
  3. My commission themes are The Baroness from Cobra (of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero fame) and Vega (from Capcom’s Streetfighter II video game).
  4. I got in an 11” x 17” Baroness commission by Billy Tucci:
  5. Yup, this year was more difficult to narrow down my unpublished entries as I now had a full year of collecting commissions. It was very difficult!
  6. Published: 1991 Doctor Strange #31 Page 30 by Larry Alexander (penciller) and Tony DeZuniga (inker)
  7. Published: 1985 Iron Man # 193 Page 5 by Luke McDonnell (penciller) and Akin Garvey (inker)
  8. Same goal for me as last year: big splashy Marvel villain pages (70’s-early 90’s) at non-splashy prices. I’d like to pick up more Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe villain pages, awesome Fighting Fantasy original art pages from the first 21 books and some Garbage Pail Kids original card art from the original series. Also, if possible, some awesome Cracked Magazine art from my collecting days (mid-80’s to early 90’s).