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  1. And the commissions keep rolling in! I got in this 11” x 14” Baroness commission by Greg Petre (a.k.a. Greg + Fake) today:
  2. I got in an 8 1/2” x 11” Baroness commission by Derek Laufman:
  3. I got in an 8” x 10” Vega commission by Jeff Victor:
  4. I’ve graduated from D-list Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe villains to a C-list one with the addition of The Asp to my collection: As she appears in issue #1 page 37:
  5. Hey, you can’t go wrong with the toy or that commission. Congratulations!
  6. It definitely looks awesome. I love horror art and combined with my 2 favorite commission subjects, it was bound to shoot up to the top of my favorites list. I sure hope that framing will help. I will leave it to the professionals to do the best they can. I sure as hell know I don’t trust myself to attempt anything!
  7. Now, that looks awesome! I loved Warduke and he was one of my favorite childhood toys. So much so that I reacquired another toy for my collection...
  8. Good luck on the sale! Had a great purchasing experience with you before and wish you the best...
  9. Thanks. I told Renee other collectors would not be as forgiving as I was if they received a commissioned piece in this condition. It does suck that the piece arrived with this gigantic crease and I am disappointed but I’m hoping that when I get around to framing this piece, my framer will be able to minimize the crease or possible even eliminate it.
  10. I don’t think she shipped it. I never had any contact with Arthur, only her (Renee). When I e-mailed her about it and suggested to her that Arthur may want to package any future art better, she said she would pass it on to him. She went on to offer me advice on “steaming” the piece to possibly minimize the crease. Below is how the crease looked when it arrived:
  11. Then I guess it is fortunate for me that I don’t collect Lady Mechanika published story pages. They look cool though!
  12. Here is an 11” x 17” artwork by Arthur Sudyam I received today that I commissioned from Comic Art Fan’s Comic Art Live event in May: *Full disclosure: He didn’t package it very well (not sandwiched between 2 pieces of cardboard) and artwork arrived with a crease going across the top third of the art. I love the piece and the crease brings it down a bit...
  13. 1) Excessive damage to the art 2) Signatures within the artwork (no problem outside the panel borders but I dislike them inside the actual artwork itself) 3) Pencil only pieces (I’m an inked pieces only collector) 4) DC Comic Art (no knock on DC artists/art but I grew up reading Marvel Comics only so that is the only art I am interested in collecting)
  14. I got in a 7” x 10” Baroness commission by Jeremy Treece: