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  1. Yup, I’m mostly in art books. Video game box art is really not my thing as the art sometimes is not very accurate to the game. In this case, Terry Bogard is pretty good: Andy Bogard, not so much: As long as you can enjoy the art for it’s own sake, then the piece is definitely awesome. But for me, I can see the inaccuracies and unfortunately it does taint my appreciation for the art.
  2. SNK artwork is hit or miss with me. Some stuff I love while others I can live without. Capcom art is usually pretty much spot on for me (occasionally it doesn’t register for me). That Fatal Fury art you included is interesting. Terry Bogard getting pummeled by some random guy (?) in sweats was an interesting choice. Or is that supposed to be his brother, Andy? It’s nice but that one is a case of a “miss” for me. I appreciate the links though!
  3. You were fortunate that SNK included Ukyo in all iterations of Samurai Showdown. As a villain booster, I always pick evil characters in my games so Gen-An was my choice for the first 2 games in the series (and I dabbled in Genjuro as well for part 2). I had to switch to Kubikiri for part 3 and learn a whole new set of moves/fighting style when Gen-An wasn’t included in that game. Also, love your 2nd choices for commission ideas. I considered McFarlane as my artist’s choice but opted for Art Adams as I have seen many of his commission pieces and think they are just amazing.
  4. I would commission Arthur Adams for a massive villains battle as they destroy a cityscape. I would have him include (off the top of my head): 1) Vega (duh) 2) The Baroness (obviously) 3) Juggernaut 4) Omega Red 5) Blackheart 6) Shuma-Gorath 7) Spiral 8) Silver Samurai 9) A Sentinel From SNK King of Fighters video game series: 1) Iori Yagami 2) King 3) Billy Kane From SNK Samurai Showdown video game series: 1) Gen-An Shiranui 2) Kubikiri Basara 3) Genjuro Kibagami
  5. 1) Todd McFarlane 2) Arthur Adams 3) John Byrne 4) Jack Kirby 5) Steve Ditko 6) John Romita Sr. 7) Walt Simonson And as others have stated, money is the reason I haven’t (and will probably never) have the pleasure of having these artists in my collection.
  6. I want more big, splashy late 60’s-early 90’s Marvel villains (A to D-List) artwork at prices I can safely afford. I want some villainous interior Fighting Fantasy game book artwork (particularly from the first 21 books of the series). I want some Garbage Pail Kids original artwork (from the original series). I think that covers it as far as artwork goes...
  7. I like spooky themed artwork and have a few pieces to share. First a couple by Brandon Starr: A piece of the monster from the B-movie Zaat (or The Blood Waters of Dr. Z for you Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans out there) by Mark Monlux: A Critter piece by Cody Schibi: A couple of Lovecraftian creatures by Jacob Walker: And a recent commission by Arthur Suydam:
  8. Those are some very nice classic Power Pack pages, B-run! I am especially digging the Beta Ray Bill!
  9. I got in a new 11”x17” commission today from Johnny Segura III of The Misfits (No, not THOSE Misfits): This commission is not of my usual two character choices but since I already got those 2 previously from this artist before and since the artist had suffered losing his home from the recent hurricane activity in the Gulf Coast, I decided to get another commission from him to aid him a bit with his current financial need.
  10. Awesome work on your previous commissions! I especially love your cover recreations/homages! I’d love to get one done (once I think of a good one!). *Edit: Do you still accept commission requests at this time?