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  1. I'm not really knowledgeable about signature premiums . . . I would think on a book like FF48 the premium would be at least 50%, but that's just speculation on my part.
  2. I have a CGC 8.5 white pages that I am personally valuing on my spreadsheet at $10,000 given the frothy market (although GPA "My Comics" is giving me a value of $9225). So I think Sweet Lou is on point with the $12,500. Maybe a little aggressive given the CBCS label -- again, it may depend on how the book looks. (FF48 has some off center books -- see this one I picked up at auction last year.) You could always send it into CGC to crack and regrade, but then you are taking a risk that CBCS undergraded.
  3. Thanks, just did. I guess whoever sent it is enterprising, combing through sales from prior years. Who knows, maybe one will hit!
  4. My favorite line in the email is "You have good taste and people are taking notice."
  5. I didn't even know you could get unsolicited offers through Heritage. I know its a CROW, but what a lowball offer! TL/DR: Bought a SS#1 9.0 CROW from Heritage in December 2019, received a random offer for $3700 today through the HA site.
  6. I use these from Bags Unlimited. The Kraft mailer, plus one bagged and boarded comic, plus one cardboard filler pad/backer board they also sell, should come just below 8 ounces. (However, I almost always send with the comic sandwiched between two backer boards secured with painter's tape, which ends up being over 8 ounces. Never had a complaint and usually recipients are very pleased with the packaging.) For more than 3 comics, I use the Gemini folding mailers and send those via USPS priority. For more than 10/12 comics, I will use one of the Bags Unlimited mailer boxes and send those
  7. Glad I pulled the trigger on a 6.0 in December! I still regret not pulling the trigger in December 2019 on a FF5. I wasn't going to let that happen again.
  8. My only copy is a Pence copy, so i guess I will live with that. I also just realized I have a TOS 159 that I had picked up last year in a random online auction lot (where I was mostly interested in a MSH 20 that looked VF+/NM but turned out to have a loose centerfold), so that pleases me.
  9. I'm not sure it will lose all its value . . . it sounds like this character will appear in the Black Widow movie and maybe other MCU films. Agree that the size of the spike seems unwarranted, however.
  10. My list is a blocked buyers list. Isn't he an alleged shill-bidding or crack-and-sell seller? That's probably why I left him off; of course, folks are free to add whatever names they want to their list. (If he wants to buy from me, and pays, his money is as green as the next guy's.)
  11. Not a cover, but a Superman vs hippie story I bought off the newsstand when I was 11 and always stuck with me. Action 507-508.
  12. I gave up on this auction by the 5th or 6th lot. I had to focus on work anyway (gotta earn all that money I spend on comic books!).