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  1. 8.5 went for $51k. 7.0 went for $23.6k
  2. Good point -- had not thought of that. As a "viewer" we know the entire Jedi thing by end of Return of the Jedi. Most folks in the outer rim likely don't know much of the details about the fall of the Empire. (Although I would have thought that at least Mando's former Rebellion fighter friend might have heard some rumors of "The Force" given the destruction of the Death Star and the accolades given to Luke. The baby yoda thing can get tiresome, but I find the Western-style "mission of the week" format is pretty enjoyable. Like a lot of Star Wars, you really can't spend too m
  3. One of the great imaginary stories. I read it in a Superman treasury collection when I was a kid, and just reread it this summer in a "Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told" hardcover. Who was the writer -- Bridwell?
  4. I even did a search because I figured it had been covered, but couldn't find anything.
  5. Thor and a giant sword to Superman and a flaming magic sword
  6. My daughter and I love the show, but this whole "What are the Jedi and where do I find them" storyline is pretty annoying. The empire just fell!! Luke Skywalker has to be the most famous person in the galaxy! Mando's best friend is a former Rebellion fighter! In the words of The Critical Drinker, " f*** off, show!"
  7. I was admiring the cover of my Silver Surfer #4 and got to wondering what other comics are valuable ONLY because of their cover? So, no first appearances, #1, relative scarcity to others of the period . . . (and I personally don't include a lot of pre-Code horror books since so many of them were so strikingly gruesome -- but others may have a different opinion -- maybe even that SS#4 doesn't belong in this category).
  8. I always liked Ty Templeton's homage from an extra story in an issue of Stig's Inferno:
  9. Happened to me with an issue of Amazing Adventures #1 I won at an HA auction. I doubt it is fake; it wasn't advertised as signed and it was one of many books in the lot -- I posted a pic on here and people generally thought it was JK. https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/464491-jack-kirby-verification/?tab=comments#comment-11055225
  10. I was watching that auction and couldn't believe the final prices on all of those lots . . . crazy