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  1. BTW my Republic Credits on the finish are on: WIN: @comicdonna PLACE: Joe Ankenbauer - who changed his screen name to @Math Teacher SHOW: @comicginger1789 OUT OF THE MONEY: @William-James88
  2. Thanks f’lites for a flashing good time! Thanks froz-ent-un-drag-guy for being a great Emcee. Anyone ever tell you you look like Peter Sellers? Ill be watching...
  3. Two books - one had three different scratches/scuffs >2” on the inside front of the slab. The other book was mislabeled. Their mistake since I listed the correct version when ordering. Yes they paid for freight x2 and the reholders. Yes. CS handled it all. They’ve been great at responding to emails and calls. I treat them like humans with real feelings that sometimes have hard days and a tough job to do. As for your inner well question, I have noticed that most of my BA and CA slabs did have some vertical “play” to the books in my latest order from December. No damage to the
  4. Thor: “Hey Banner! How’s that smell?” Hulk: “Hulk SMASH IT, then SMASH Thor!”
  5. Nope! My barbarian using a sword riding a demon fighting a green Goliath protecting a bikini clad babe beats that!