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  1. I remember going to Metro’s office to look at some books in the mid 2000s. I’d put my hand in my pocket to pull out my wants list when Fishler exclaimed that he was about to abuse me for pulling out gloves to wear.
  2. You can pay for the CGC notes if interested in purchasing the book.
  3. Loved that book. Glad it has found a good home
  4. In 2012 I spent three days with Stan and his team at London Super Con. You could see how much he enjoyed spending time with comic fans. One evening we had a private meet Stan Lee event with 50 fans and he was happy for each fan to ask him directly a question. What was scheduled to be an hour event went on for 2 hours. I hope I have the energy at 55 that he displayed when 89. He will be missed
  5. It’s in a UK auction but hats off to the auctioneer who has disclosed the restoration in the auction listing.
  6. Came across this on the internet and it's a reminder to check the whole label not just the grade. It has to be a quality control error! Anyone seen a worse example?
  7. Is this book recently slabbed? Seller may not have seen the slab. I have, in the past, consigned books to Heritage and asked them to CGC them for me as it reduces shipping costs (weight of package to Heritage of unslabbed books from UK rather than slabbed books crossing the Atlantic back and forth).
  8. Love them all. My favourite is #46. I have this on my wall:
  9. John Verzyl used to own the Denver. He traded it when buying the Church copy. I owned it till 2012 when I sold it to John (bought for a client). Not sure what happened after that. I always thought it was the third best book as the writing on the Pay Copy, though historic, makes the book look ugly.
  10. Sad to hear. Always enjoyed the chats and tales at his booth over the years. RIP Jon
  11. Joint 12th highest graded Action vs 14th highest Tec i think the Action will go higher but I’d prefer the Tec.
  12. I hope the sale goes through. It would be good to see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four in the MCU and hopefully to see the Fantastic Four back in print. The only negative is that back issues of FF and X-Men have been relatively cheap.