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  1. Cool cover! Thanks for your expertise!
  2. This one's a big-time bummer. I took it out of the sleeve to take some pictures and noticed the pages on the bottom right-hand corner have been shredded up pretty good - a real shame. Oh well, it's a hot book, right? I'm sure someone will want it. Anyway, thanks for your expertise!
  3. I have Transformers 1-80; trying to figure out if any are worth sending in to CGC for a grade.
  4. @Silvers24 Actually, I have all six from that storyline! It would probably make a great film, albeit a bit dark.
  5. Nope, 300 was conveniently missing. Here's what I took away as the better stuff from the Spider-Man collection:
  6. @silversufer27 I was able to get some more pictures. I am not used to handling comics (this collection was an inheritance), so I generally try to avoid taking them out of their bags. Upon closer inspection, this book seems to have some serious problems with it. I guess it's better knowing than having big expectations, and then being disappointed with a lower grade. Is what I'm looking at mold/mildew on the back? To be clear, these books have been sitting in boxes in an attic for 20+ years.
  7. I am considering getting some comic books graded. I have a lot of ASM and Web of Spider-Man that are on the cusp - this one less so because I feel like it's in pretty good shape. I don't have access to a scanner - sorry about that!
  8. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the helpful information! The crux of the matter is the cost/benefit of getting comics graded. It seems like there is a big drop-off in price between a 9.8 and even a 9.0, let alone a 9.8 and something in the 4.0-6.0 ballpark. The most important thing I've realized thus far is to not trick myself into thinking I have one thing, and counting on it, when it's a different thing entirely (mint comic vs. very fine). @marvelmaniac thanks for this, these low-print comics are harder for me to spot than the key-issue ones. I'll keep those Transformers safe and sound. My next stop is PGM - thanks again!
  9. Greetings! I inherited my uncle's old comic book collection (around 2-3 thousand books) around three months ago and have been trying to decide what steps to take next. Right now, I'm still just making a big inventory list so I know what I have and know that it's organized if I ever need to find anything. Over the past three months, I've been on My comic shop, go collect, key collector, and comic price guide quite a bit to determine what I have and if it's of any value. I know enough now to recognize that I have some key issues and that I have some cool books in great condition. Just a quick list: Iron Man 2-333 (doe not include #54; include two issues of #128) (not great condition for the earliest ones) Amazing Spider Man (about 100 comics mostly in the 300's; include 301, 346, all Carnage, "Planet of the Symbiotes") Great condition Some cool Spectacular and Web of Spider man stuff (Web #31,32) (great condition) Transformers 1-80 Tales of Suspense (include #50, #60, these ones aren't in great condition unfortunately) I still have a lot to go through - looks like mostly X-Men stuff and some Captain America is left. There are lots of random goodies as well - some cool Marvel Age, all of Infinite War/Crusade/Gauntlet (flawless), 3 issues of Darkhawk #1 that are flawless, Miracle Man #1 (flawless), a lot more that I'm forgetting about. Anyway, my question is how to maximize my profit selling these books. I want to get some of them graded (Iron man 55, Tales of Suspense 50, maybe some ASM) but it seems like there are conflicting views regarding grading books (just from what I've read of people in a similar circumstance and the the advice they get). Is Ebay, Facebook marketplace, or Amazon the way to go? Grab a booth at a convention? I've been warned against LCS. Anyway, thanks for reading and any advice! Cheers! PS: (pardon the misspellings/grammar - in a hurry)