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  1. FOR SALE 2000AD Judge Dredd original vintage comics starting at $0.65 Free worldwide delivery on 1st order of ten Paypal in any currency. 100% protected. Pay by instalments at no extra charge. New to 2000AD? Ask me for help. Your collection will be tailored to what suits you. Prices for issue 250 to present upwards (not including key issues). All issues are available but grade varies. Grade 1-2. Low; poor, fair. Damaged gap fillers and reading issues. USD $0.65 Grade 3-4. Low to medium; good. OK complete tanned reading issues. Signs of age; writing on cover, rip(s) bigger than ½” (2.5cm) etc. USD $1.30 Grade 5-6. Medium; very good. Nice, generally clean, light tan and flat. No rips over ½” (1.5 cm). Some damage. May have marks or writing. b Grade 7-8. Medium to high; fine, very fine. Very nice condition. Good spine, slight tan, no pen, flat and clean. Some signs of age small nicks etc. USD $5.20 Grade 9-10. High; very fine to near mint. Lovely overall condition for age. Small imperfections. Tiny nicks. Off-white pages or cream pages. USD $8 Delivery. Comics sent in strong boxes from their home in England. They're waterproofed, insured, tracked & must be signed for. You get SMS & email notifications. Free worldwide delivery on 1st order of ten Otherwise USD$ 20$ +1 per extra book Contact me for the prices of key issues and 1 to 250 or via facebook. Short link About me. I’m a private collector currently based in the UK. I have friends and family all over the world including the USA. I have been dedicated 2000AD for the last 40 years and it is my mission to spread it’s thrill power to fans all over the world. I’m proud to say I have helped over 1000 fans in the last year. As Dredd would say, ’You’re next Punk!’
  2. Hello I'm new. I have a collection of 2000AD comics in excellent condition from issue 1 to present including the free gifts. Is it possible to get the key issues like 1st Judeg Dredd, 1st Judege Death CGC graded or should I just keep selling them raw?
  3. Thanks! New to CGC so posting a few pictures as I go
  4. 2000AD Judge Dredd 1st Judge Death 1st Judge Anderson Complete Set Facebook group email
  5. 2000AD Judge Dredd Block Mainia and The Apocalypse Wars Complete Set Facebook group email
  6. Jonnie Sohcahtoa

    2000AD Progs 1`2 3 and 4

    2000ad prog 1 2 3 4
  7. 2000AD Ballad of Halo Jones - Alan Moore and Ian Gibson
  8. Pictures are of a complet run of Alan Moore's Halo Jones 1st prinst published in 2000AD Short link to my ebay items
  9. Jonnie Sohcahtoa

    2000ad and Judge Dredd

    2000ad and Judge Dredd
  10. Hi everyone. I sell 2000AD and Judge Dredd back issues. My ebay id is judge-dredd-mega-city-one-comics and a quick link to my items is Happy Holidays
  11. Hi I saw your question pop up while I was searching google for Dredd news today so thought Id help you out. You can get the orignial 1st print back issues from me. Just ping me a private message here or on facebook I've been collecting 2000AD and Judge Dredd for over 40 years. Here's the short link to my 2000AD and Judge Dredd group All the best J