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  1. Update: Our friend Uel from Fantastic Comics in Berkeley was the hero who helped recover the rest of Harley’s comics! He’s going to talk about it on his YouTube show Tuesday at 8pm Berkeley time. youtube.com/fantasticcomics Also, a huge thanks to Alan from Heroes in Campbell, who helped recover the first four books, and nab (some of ?) the thieves! It’s really Fantastic that we have Heroes in the community who worked together to make Harley whole!
  2. As soon as I’m given the OK, I will!
  3. Harley’s books have all been recovered! Details to follow! Huge thanks to the comic book community, who were ultimately responsible for getting Harley all of his comics back safely.
  4. Here are some Certification numbers from Harley. Unfortunately, many of the books were recent purchases from his “6 shows in 5 weeks” tour, and weren’t logged. Ginger 4, 7.0 cert 1256511007 X-men 94, 8.0 cert 2013604001 Strange Tales, 110 4.5 cert 2013605004 Ironman 55, 8.5. Cert 2004504004 Wonder Woman, 103 9.0 cert 096259301 Worlds Finest 65, 5.0. Cert 1246555001 These were recovered: Incredible Hulk 1, 3.0 cbcs Stan lee sig recovered Incredible Hulk 181, 5.5 recovered Detective 149, 8.0 recovered Action 20, 3.0 recovered
  5. Berkeley Comic Show! Only comics and comic art. Next one is June 30th. Check the Events thread for tons of pics from the last one.
  6. If the thieves knew the industry they wouldn’t have tried to sell the stolen books to a dealer who was at the show. They also would have cracked the books and sold them raw, as anyone who knows the industry understands cert numbers can be traced. Thieves break into cars for a quarter on the front seat. A roller bag is a bonanza, regardless of contents.
  7. My theory is that people just use the hashtags with more followers to get more eyes on their post, regardless of relevance. Some of those people realize what they’re doing, and delete the posts later. When I first joined, I sent a message to a guy who was doing this, then I realized he would remove the post a few days later, after he got the eyeballs. Either way, it’s annoying.
  8. Well, as I oversee the load I and load out process at Berkeley Comic Show, I can tell you there was no one staking out the load in or out. If I don’t know who you are I ask who you are. I suppose someone could have been parked down the street, but the lot for load in is behind the building, separate from the lot for attendees, so all the spaces at the back were dealers, and I watched them all load in and out. I also personally checked in every single guest, and I honestly don’t remember any twitchy criminal types. Not that you can always spot them, but I usually have a pretty good nose for that kind of thing. In any case, it’s a thing to happen and I really hope Harley gets every single book back.
  9. It was one of the books recovered when they caught the thieves.
  10. Terrible is the right word! Scumbags. Glad you enjoyed the show. The books weren’t stolen at the show, but from his vehicle later that night. From what I’ve read, three thieves have been caught, but most of the books are still unaccounted for, which is why we need to all be on the lookout for these books.
  11. Thanks everyone for coming out! It was our funnest show yet - with more comics than you could imagine! Great times talking comics with friends. Here are a ton of photos:
  12. Sorry man! We adopted a strict no early entry rule some time ago. If you really are working a booth of course you come in early. And yes, that Frankenstein looks about right!
  13. Well it’s a sharp looking 9.2 to look at! Nice book!