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  1. Price Variant Club

    Huh. I’ve never heard of a mod caring about posting eBay links. Anyway, the sale looks legit to me, with 17 unique bidders, though I may be slightly concerned if I were the seller. I’d love to have an IF 14 35 center in my collection, but I’ll never pay what they go for. Only hope is a hidden one,
  2. Price Variant Club

    This one? Link to IF 14 variant sale
  3. Comic Related Paperbacks

    Nice. Is that the slipcase for the Marvel pocket books I see in the second photo? Can you post more pics of that? I’ve got two versions and am curious if there are more versions in existence.
  4. Comic Related Paperbacks

    Yeah, that is a great cover!
  5. Comic Related Paperbacks

    Thanks! That’s a ‘Slobodian Pedigree’ certificate, which, like Manitoba’s, are from Manitoba. CGC used to recognize the pedigree, but no longer does.
  6. Comic Related Paperbacks

    I don’t have the Batman 1966 paperback. I don’t recall ever seeing that one, but I confess my focus is mostly seventies and eighties.
  7. Comic Related Paperbacks

    Three versions of this one. See if you can spot the differences. Only a freak like me would care
  8. Comic Related Paperbacks

    And finally, for Jimmers... Yes, there they are: Doom and Parasite!