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  1. Great stuff Marwood!
  2. Glad you'll be able to make it Jer!
  3. Do you mean I had to pay a lot to pick it up, or that I'm going to make a lot selling?
  4. Haven't figured out quotes yet, but I just watched the secret room video seven times
  5. Well I didn't find the Shogun/Micronauts shipper, but I did find the answer to whether the Star Wars shipper interior is printed. Picked this up last week: No printing on the interior
  6. I'm back! My first post with my old name. And super excited about our upcoming show! Here are a few pics from the last two to give you an idea what it's all about: COMICS! Marc and I would love to see you there!
  7. So sweet!
  8. Thank you sir!
  9. Great series, and extra cool as Canadian!
  10. I still have a few. Most of the ones I kept I've cracked out.
  11. BCE "introduced" theirs for the new cases. https://www.bcemylar.com/graded_comics.cfm Thank you very much!