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  1. I worked unloading semi trucks at UPS one summer during college. The packages with the largest “Do not Bend/crush/etc.” signs that were targets for stomping. It was a bit of a game for some of the workers. Now I never, ever write anything on the boxes I ship.
  2. I bought this double cover treasury quite awhile back. Avoid the seller at all costs. It was a legit double cover, not glued on the spine (as it should be). The book was packed poorly and sustained damage, so I asked for a return. After some back and forth, he agreed to take it back and I shipped it to him. When he received it, he filed a claim saying I kept the second cover when I returned the book. After some threatening, he admitted he lied (he had some excuse - I forget what). The next day the book was re-posted with new images of the book with both covers.
  3. As we suspected, it appears the ESB paperback is too thick to grade (maximum 1/2 inch):
  4. The ESB paperback is substantially thicker than the GL/GA paperback. Here they are together. Sorry for inverted photo - ever since the board “update” it flips all my photos. It’s even thicker compared to the Star Wars paperback: ESB is 224 pages, SW is 124.
  5. There aren’t any graded, so that must be it (too thick). I have a message in to them. I’ll let you know when I hear back.
  6. The Conan pack does have the 60 cent double-sized issue 100, but you are correct about the FF 200 not having a direct edition, which leads me to believe that you are correct about the FF bags not having FF 200.
  7. @ft88 has a sales thread running right now that accepts Bitcoin.
  8. Hi, I’ve seen quite a few CGC graded comic paperbacks, but never the Empire Strikes Back marvel illustrated paperback. Is there any reason why you couldn’t slab it? (I don’t believe there are any on the census). I have a ton of other similar comic paperbacks I’d love to slab. Thank you! Tim
  9. I love how you have an image of the interior placed on the outside of the Mylar! It’s probably a lot of work - very cool.