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  1. wormboy

    Bronze Age Treasuries

    This is the last one I need for the Marvel run!
  2. I don’t know if it’s for sale, but he posted it on IG. And he’s also here on the boards
  3. wormboy

    Infinite Multi-Pack Thread

    Nice! Do you have any of the others with logo like this?
  4. It is awesome! Much bigger, but still with that old school swap meet feel! You’re going to love it.
  5. Hulk 300 $8 Teen Titans 16 $3 Punisher 1 $1 Punisher Max 1 $2 Add to pile at 30% off please.
  6. wormboy

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    It’s so tempting when you paid $25 and they’re selling for $150! But yeah, then you don’t have them anymore On another BPRD hardcover note: Hell on Earth Volume 2 had an error in the first printing. I purchased it from In Stock Trades. When they reprinted the book correctly, In Stock sent me a copy of the revised edition for free, without me asking. Great company with great service and packaging (no affilliation).
  7. wormboy

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    You do need to be careful with the statement 'First Edition' though. Publishers may list 'First Edition 2017' on a second print from 2018, just to let you know when the first edition was printed. Definitely confusing. I'll try to find and post an example. Also, A first edition can have a second printing (and still be a first edition), and does not officially become a second edition unless something about the book is changed. That said, it looks like you have a first edition.
  8. wormboy

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    As far as speculating on hardcovers and Omnis, I agree it's tough due to the earlier mentioned fact regarding availability and second printings. That said, there are definitely ways to make a buck if you keep track of the market and move quickly. Usually it will be one book in a set that becomes the difficult one (for whatever reason - I would think they print equal numbers of these sets, but apparently not). Recent examples I can think of off the top of my head: BPRD Plague of Frogs 2, 3 Starman 3 Goon 3 All bets are off if the publisher does a second printing, but there is a window.
  9. wormboy

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    Nice! Do you keep all your books in bags? I wrap all my justjackets in Brodart as soon as I open them. Protects the jackets well, but I still have to dust them.
  10. wormboy

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    Thank you! I’ll try to post better pics and descriptions if this thread stays alive.
  11. wormboy

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    I am a hardcore hardcover collector! (See below ). I prefer first printings of a hardcover over omnis. In fact omnibuses (omnibi?) are my least favorite option, and I only buy them if it’s the first time the material has been reprinted. Like many have mentioned, I prefer to read story arcs at once (no digital for me, thanks), but the omnis are cumbersome, and often, as some have mentioned, the quality is weak (glued over sewn). I agree with what others have said - comic collectors don’t seem to have the same concern about printings as collectors of fiction hardcovers. I collect Sci-Fi hardcovers as well. In that market second printings are essentially worthless vs. the first edition. I’ll buy the first issue of a comic to see if I like it. If I really like it, I’ll wait for the HC and save the first issue. If I really love it (right now Paper Girls, Saga, WD) I’ll buy the monthly issues because I can’t wait, then buy the HC later for my shelf and either keep or sell the floppies. Here’s part of my bookshelf (sorry for the bad pic):
  12. wormboy

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    One way to tell what printing a HC or TPB is: on the first or second page, near the publishers info, there should be a string of numbers from 1-10. If all numbers are present, it’s a first print. If only 2-10 are shown, it’s a second print, etc. Here’s an example from my Alias Omnibus (first print):
  13. Super excited for this one! The new space is massive! Probably more comics than you’ve ever seen at a “comic” show So stoked that Brent Anderson is our Guest Artist! I’m a HUGE fan of Astro City, God Loves Man Kills, and even have a full run of his Ka-Zar books I bought off the rack back in the day. A great artist and a wonderful guy! Please join us for our first show at the new, bigger, better location (with lots of free parking)!