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  1. I don't want to drag the thread too far off topic, but I don't see any Adams in that cover at all.
  2. Sweet! I also love the Star Wars box!
  3. Yay, Whitmans!
  4. Nice! I forgot about the Tracy treasury - I read that one to death when I was a kid.
  5. Wow, that is cool!
  6. Group Shot!
  7. I would agree with that. If prices continue to climb, we will see more copies (both DC and Marvel) come out of the woodwork.
  8. Thanks! You and piper should come on down! One of you could hide in the other ones luggage!
  9. it's crazy that you found all those different versions of SM Power Pack! Love it.
  10. Cool! Is that Marvel signed/numbered Treasury something that was sold directly from Marvel?
  11. Then I think you are well positioned to cash in on this trend if you wish! I don't think I'll part with any of mine, but it's good to see that Treasuries are finally getting some respect.
  12. Great stuff. Love that $2.00 HOM cover!