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  1. Voldy and PGX certified fake original art

    But not just blank covers, sketches on a piece of paper, like the one I posted above.
  2. Voldy and PGX certified fake original art

    Here’s a link to one.
  3. Voldy and PGX certified fake original art

    They don’t “slab” it, but CGC does certify original art. Not published art, I believe, but sketches. I believe the art must be created with a witness present, as with signature series. Not just on comics either - I’ve seen a Frank Miller Batman head sketch certified by CGC (SS).
  4. Voldy and PGX certified fake original art

    Yeah, if it’s the seller in the story, he was pissed Rob called out the fakes, and thought he should have taken it up with the grading companies
  5. Voldy and PGX certified fake original art

    The crazy part of this story, if true, is that the grading companies are holding their ground, saying the artist can’t possibly remember every piece they do, even whilst the artist is saying they didn’t create the piece. Seems like a bad strategy.
  6. Voldy and PGX are called out by Rob Leifeld for certifying fake originals. Jim Lee, Humberto Ramos, and more chime in that art certified as real are also fakes. I have seen CGC also certify OA, but I believe it must be witnessed, as with Signature Series. Good plan. Link to story

    Thanks Poka. I did try, but it was my first negative feedback ever written, so it wasn’t carefully worded and they didn’t post it.
  8. World's Finest 178, 179, 210 Sold via PM. Thanks!
  9. Hulk 181 Spine/Wrap Poll

    I chose cover A. I honestly don’t mind a little white stripe, though of course would prefer it was even. On Cover A the miswrap is less of a distraction.
  10. Batman 225 Sold! Thank you for your purchase!