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  1. +2 Fantastic @Warlord! As far as a guess on the WW bag: I think you’re right about that being a mixed bag. The pink stripes at the top of the book peeking out (If I’m seeing that correctly) don’t seem to match any of the issues directly before or after 262.
  2. I’m fine with giving a great deal to a fellow boardie I’ll be OK without the extra fifteen bucks
  3. Of course they are! I just sold a NM copy last week here on the boards for $5
  4. Of course you know about it The one with Spideys’ yellow hand is cool too! Maybe just a guy that had a couple of beers during lunch break created the ‘Issues with issues’
  5. Awhile back I was going through my 3-packs, and saw what appeared to be a unique printing error on PPSS 23 in one of my Multi-Mags 3-packs. (see if you can find it haha). I immediately searched eBay to see if I could find another copy with the same error - no luck. So I set a new search and kept looking at hundreds of regular copies without the error. Finally last week, another one popped up on eBay! Here's the original, regular version: Here's the version in my 3-pack: And here's the eBay book that finally confirmed that there is more than one of these: My guess is that the books printed specifically for the multi-packs had the error, while the original run did not, which likely makes the error even that much harder to find. Marwood If anyone has seen this one before - it's probably you!
  6. Thanks Marwood! I have another one I need to post - if anyone knows it you will.
  7. Pretty sure I’ll never see another one, so I better hang on to this one. Thank you!
  8. This one is a double cover, but also a manufacturing error, as the second cover isn’t a second outer wrap, but is instead stapled into the centerfold of the book.
  9. Thanks! Number one is from the Savannah Pedigree, which usually has nice glossy covers, but poor page quality - this one is no exception.
  10. Hi! Thanks for checking out my books! You first press the 'Quote' button below my post, then you insert the cursor below the quoted post and click. Then choose the 'I'll take it' guy from the list of emojis (smiley face icon) in the menu. Hope that helps! You can also send me a PM (private message), or just tell me the name of the book in a reply post