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  1. Finally found #2 in 9.4 White. I have #4, so now just need #3! Anybody have #3 CGC 9.4 White for sale? I’ll overpay (like I did for this one haha).
  2. Just found this classic thread - you must read from page one. The thread title is unfortunate (sorry Kenneth Cheung), but the thread is gold. I bought a double cover Marvel Super Action 1 double cover from this seller. It was obviously married. Seller claimed he didn’t know what the term ‘married cover’ meant, but did refund me with no issues. Later I noticed that many double covers appearing in my saved searches were from this seller. Many appeared to be married. Later still, I saw an auction from another seller: CGC Green label married double cover Eternals #1, advertised as, “from the hilltop pedigree”. I’m pretty sure the seller was just another victim. The books still flow from the bottomless well of married double covers and made-up pedigrees. Buyer beware.
  3. I was asked for pics of the interior of MSE 15 and Conan 1, so figured I’d post them here as well (These action panels on the left remind me of a Miller DD vs. Kingpin scene).
  4. Hey, I LOVE Bryan Talbot! Unfortunately I haven’t heard of Superharris (I thought I owned everything he’s done). I’m going looking for it now - if I find it I’ll let you know
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been buying and selling on the boards for 18 years with no issues. I'm also a 100% positive seller on eBay for 20 years (wormboytt). U.S. Shipping is included in the price, and the books will be securely shipped in a priority mail BOX. Returns are allowed for 7 days after the sale. Paypal is preferred method of payment. If you want to arrange other payment, please PM me before claiming. Thanks for looking! Tim All five books for $1,000 shipped Priority mail box in the U.S. I am firm on the price. 1. Amazing Spiderman #124 - Beautiful flat, glossy copy. Looks 9.2/9.4, but unfortunately, it does have a light CB crease on the back cover, so probably 8.0 to 8.5. 2. Conan #1 - Stunning, glossy, flat copy with some minor imperfections that bring it down to 7.5/8.0 3. Night Nurse #1 - Sharp, bright glossy copy with some spine issues and LRC that bring it to 7.5 to 8.0 4. She-Hulk #1 - Razor sharp corners, glossy and bright, easy 9.6 5. Special Marvel Edition #15 - Looks much better, but the small 1/2" crease in the upper right corner holds this back to 9.0.
  6. Great collections guys! I really wish the packaging on the new Megos looked like these!
  7. Thanks David! No, unfortunately it did not - those are copies I had previously.
  8. Super stoked to find this recently! 1977 Whitman Star Wars Treasury Display for Volume 2. I had never seen one of these until I saw this one for sale. I’ve owned and seen the hot pink box for the #1, and the neon orange version for #1 and #2 (see page one of this thread), but I’ve never ever seen one specifically for #2, that includes “Volume II” on the URC. Also this blue and pink color scheme is new to me. Beyond excited
  9. We cancelled our April 4 show (Berkeley Comic Show). We do four shows a year. Hopefully things will be back to (somewhat) normal by the June show Stay safe out there everyone
  10. Thanks! I have an extra copy in the same condition. You can have it if you want it. PM me your info
  11. Sorry this took me so long. I’m really glad you asked me to do that - the back cover is bada$$!
  12. No way- it’s a great idea! (Unless it looks like the one I just posted Then sell it for $100-$200).
  13. FINALLY got one of the Captain Marvel variants!
  14. This just sold on Heritage: John Buscema original preliminary art for Marvel Treasury Edition #28.