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  1. And to think about 12 years ago I got to read a pedigree copy of Detective #27 with my bare hands. It ended up coming back a blue label 6.5 Fine + from CGC unrestored and exchanged hands for $115k. I will not disclose the pedigree, the buyer or the seller. However it seems the seller got a real bargain based on this thread....:) When I carefully leafed through the book towards the rear folios I swear it had that slight paper opening "crack" of a book that hadn't ever really been read. Tough to explain; like the pages had never been separated since it came off the press. I would by lying if I said I wasn't pretty nervous....
  2. Having tried to collect the entire MLJ run twice, I'd put them in this order of scarcity, or at least availability on the market. From hardest to find to less: Pep 26, 22, 23, 24, 25 IMO. 26 is just really hard to find; I've only seen two for sale. First post on the new boards! Thanks ARCH and Vince!
  3. What the hell - I went through my books tonight and pulled out some new acquisitions as well as some of my favorites. The highest grade of these hands down is the Blue Ribbon #2 - that thing has white paper and no noticeable flaws. Too bad it's just a Blue Ribbon #2! Since I had the scanner fired up, and MLJ needs its own scans thread (let's see 'em, 143ksk and Vince (and sacentaur, and Bangzoom, etc.)
  4. Let's use this area to showoff our new recent Golden Age books! Of course you'll see MLJ mostly from me, and early Archie stuff. Got this in the mail today, graded as a VG+. Book looks nicer, but there is a "spot" on the back cover that lowers the grade. My favorite type of defect; high grade with one flaw keeping it lower.... First story is great; it features Captain Flag rescuing an American journalist on 'Devil's Island'. I did some research while reading the story, and in fact, the Nazi's had used this island for a prison during the war. Great stuff!