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  1. I know some of the history on that Rockford Detective 27. I read it / flipped through the pages prior to it being sold. I would swear to you all it had never been opened before or it had been decades since it was opened. Back half of the book had that "crack" to them upon opening the book. That was probably 2003 when I read it. Most expensive book I've ever held with my bare hands. Friend of mine named Brad here in the Columbus area was the owner - he sold it to Met I believe.
  2. That's the nicest copy I've ever seen, ever. By a long shot. My copy was about a 1.5 fair at best. Hold onto that sucker - sky's the limit on value with the first app of Veronica Lodge!
  3. Not bad. Your very best material was when people were talking about dealers you said "Not to mention those two, huge boobs". I still laugh to this day...GOAT CGC line.
  4. My initial response was going to state: "I like to read 9.2 copies of Action #1, All-American #16's, Pep 22's and Archie #1's"...:)
  5. That is awfully kind of you - I wouldn't be able to accept such a gift though! Save that act of kindness for someone down on their luck. I have a good job - just thinking more about my retirement accounts than spending that $$$ on golden age. I forgot how kind most of the folks are on these boards. Don't know how long you've been on here, but I did something like this once - a guy (Ian Levine) was looking for a Buzzy #70 to complete an entire DC run. I found a copy - a large dealership wanted to charge him a ton for a "nothing" issue - I sent it to him for free. Feels so much better
  6. I sure miss buying and reading golden age comics. Sadly in my mid 40's and with prices way out of reach now, I can enjoy them on here only.
  7. Can't believe I started this thread 16 years ago...:)
  8. Glad to see my thread still exists. What brought me here today - out of the blue I was looking at prices on ebay (which have gone through the roof). Of note, apparently beat up copies of Top-Notch #22 are going for $2500 - $4k if you can believe that. Good to see you guys again.
  9. What the hell - I went through my books tonight and pulled out some new acquisitions as well as some of my favorites. The highest grade of these hands down is the Blue Ribbon #2 - that thing has white paper and no noticeable flaws. Too bad it's just a Blue Ribbon #2! Since I had the scanner fired up, and MLJ needs its own scans thread (let's see 'em, 143ksk and Vince (and sacentaur, and Bangzoom, etc.)
  10. Let's use this area to showoff our new recent Golden Age books! Of course you'll see MLJ mostly from me, and early Archie stuff. Got this in the mail today, graded as a VG+. Book looks nicer, but there is a "spot" on the back cover that lowers the grade. My favorite type of defect; high grade with one flaw keeping it lower.... First story is great; it features Captain Flag rescuing an American journalist on 'Devil's Island'. I did some research while reading the story, and in fact, the Nazi's had used this island for a prison during the war. Great stuff!