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  1. So, you aren't going to believe this, but this isn't it. It has all the elements, but the one I remember was much more graphic in nature including the actual dismemberment and blood splattering on the murderers face. After reading this issue, it makes me think someone was recycling themes from earlier works. I really appreciate all the hard work on this.
  2. I was slightly traumatized as a kid, early 80's, when reading a horror comic, magazine I believe, in a second hand bookstore and have been trying to find the name of the issue ever since. The basic plot was a nerdy teen with glasses and a beautiful girl run into a barn to get out of the rain. ( want to say is name was Harold or something like that. He professes his love to her and she rejects him, mocking him. He goes nuts and hacks her to pieces with an axe. It would seem like this would have had to be pre-code, but the comic wasn't old. Perhaps this was a reprint? I am almost positive this w