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  1. Hello as of what the guy said in the video it helps take weight off of the comics doing this I watched two videos of 2 guys talking about doing this I can send both videos if u would like
  2. Hello everyone I've got a question I'm gonna be boxing my comics in my closet in short boxes I was watching a YouTube video and this guy said one of the best ways to keep your comics from spine rolling and having cracks in the books is he puts one comic facing you and the other comic facing the other way have any of you guys done this and if so has it helped keep them in better condition? ,
  3. I don't know if your talking about resealable bags that's what im use and that's what keeps making the lip come up so say I just bagged the comic and put it on the resealable part it doesn't all stick so I have to keep repositioning it cause it always leaves a spot a little open
  4. Hello there not really expensive comics a full run of howard the duck in G to VF, a full run of moon knight 1st series and werewolf by night a full run except missing 2 comics that's pretty much what im protecting for now im gonna be investing in mylites in a bit im trying to find a good deal on them for bulk cause I have over 400 comics in total
  5. I did buy the bags and boards brand new the shop owner gave me ultra pro poly resealable bags and 2 different backing boards he gave me Comi Care and comic defense
  6. How are you guys I have a few questions I just started collecting comics I mainly have silver age and Bronze Age comics which I’m starting to rebag and board my question is that some of the bags I bought from my local comic shop there the resealing kind when I’m sealing them the lip where the glue is makes it go up a little is this a problem or should I not worry? I also have one more question I just put the comic in a bag and at times the bag is already wrinkled a little is that a problem will it damage the comic or is it nothing to worry about?