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  1. Heritage also reports the size of the actual art, as opposed to the size of the paper. I would like both, since the paper size affects storage and display. I've received not a few "11x17" that turned out to be 11.25x17 or the like, which makes a big difference.
  2. I got this Nick Bradshaw variant cover from Scooby Apocalypse #13 just because it looked cool. Then I discovered it was a Dark Knight homage, which was all the better.
  3. I achieved a bucket list item with a Byrne FF page. Plus it has Franklin, which my kids love since they read the "Son of a Genius" series. Plus some nice machine details. It says it's from issue #265, but it's not. 265 was the return from the Secret Wars, and at the end of the issue, Sue collapses in Central Park due to complications from her pregnancy. Perhaps originally, Sue was going to collapse at the Baxter Building in a scene including this page. With Sue's collapse now occuring elsewhere, this page had to be put off until Sue recovered in issue #269. So now the FF never
  4. On a related note, I was beside myself with delight when the wonderful sitcom Community did a whole episode homaging the G.I. Joe cartoon and toy advertisements of the 1980s.
  5. I got half a dozen commissions at Dragon Con 2019 from the likes of Grell, Jae Lee, Paquette, etc. everybody wanted either credit card or PayPal.
  6. Has anyone had any success reaching Kwan recently? I asked about a piece last week and again this week, but so far no reply. Maybe on vacation, hopefully not ill?
  7. I believe that was a reference to Byrne's new Elsewhen material. Byrne does not get a say in the umpteenth repackaging of his original X-Men work, which comes around again every few years.
  8. And indeed, in the very first issue of Elsewhen, there was originally a panel in which Wolverine tickled Kitty so hard that she phased out of the Blackbird and fell into the Savage Land. Byrne listened to friends who told him that was creepy, so he changed the panel. So sure, there's the danger of creators going off-brand with characters they don't own. And we could name many times it happened anyway over the years in actual published comics where editors were asleep at the wheel or made a bad call, or where the writer was also the editor. Things like that happen in a collaborative enter
  9. Did anyone else have trouble connecting to Comic Connect tonight?
  10. I mean, you're not wrong. But I can totally understand his desire to tell the story he wants to tell. He's willing to tell it completely for free as it is, so clearly this is about creativity, not money.
  11. Thanks so much! Never in a million years would I have figured either of those out.
  12. I'm not familiar with Manley, but in some examples I found, he writes out his signature: Whereas the Batgirl example looks more like stylized initials: Is it KRM maybe?
  13. I saw it in Philadelphia; very well done. Comic Art Fans on YouTube has an interview with the guy who put together the exhibition and convinced all the art donors to participate. I took tons of photos, some of which are duplicated above, and some not. I appreciated that they were selling quite a few dollar reprints of key issues.
  14. Bam! That's it! Thanks so much. OK, now for the other one I got. It has Rodney Ramos on the top tier, and Kevin Conrad and Bob Wiacek on the bottom tier. But who are the two artists in the middle?
  15. I can see how the bottom middle could be read as "Craig Young," but I can't find a comic book artist by that name. Anyone have a lead?